Most people are fearful and unhappy, yet they think they don’t deserve such a life and they believe that Life is punishing them for no reason.

But such a life is well-deserved, because although they call themselves “good”, because of their unawareness they don’t realize that their thoughts, words and actions are injurious to other people.

If they create toxicity through their thinking, they will get toxicity in return. We must be responsible for our thoughts. We are not disconnected from the rest of the world – the vibration of our thinking is felt outside of us as well, either poisoning or healing the surrounding environment and its creatures.

If people hurt others through words, though they may not realize that they do, they will also get hurt in some way – they cannot escape the law of cause and effect.

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Because most people are totally self-centered, they never think how their words or actions impact others. Some venture out to believe how they impact others, but very few are willing to totally forget themselves and completely see how the situation is viewed from the perspective of others. That’s where revelations come.

But the majority of people simply live self-centered lives, calling themselves “good people” yet hurting others every day in thoughts, words and actions. Then they wonder why life is so difficult for them, and why they are plagued by a multitude of weird fears.

All that they get in life is well-deserved. Because their egos block their understanding of how they impact other people and the environment, they remain ignorant. But through daily awareness this can be changed.

I too thought myself to be a very good person, but after awakening Life was gradually showing my lack of care. It brought to my memory all my unthoughtful self-centered remarks and actions. Suddenly I was no longer feeling like such a good person. In fact, I was deeply ashamed of myself.

I remember when I received a message from my school-time best friend. She told me “I’m such a bad person”. She was going through that awakening, I knew it. I was so happy to hear that.

I understand how people could think themselves to be very good people and complain that Life treats them unfairly. That’s because they’re not awake yet, so they can’t really see how they impact the world. Only after awakening can you really see.

So for people who have never been shaken by a new perspective of how they behave; for those who never stopped calling themselves “good people”, that awakening hasn’t happened yet.

I know this, because before awakening the person is still “not born-again”, so to speak, which means they “sin”, to continue with the Christian terminology, on a daily basis, yet think themselves to be very good.

But this can be changed. All you have to do is to pray to the Universe to open your eyes to how your words, thoughts and actions affect other people. Sincerely want to know it and work hard at removing all negativity from you.

The Universe will hear and help. God is inseparable from us; sincere intention starts things moving.

Another thing that helps you discover hurtful intentions, words and actions is constant awareness, of course. Through daily mindfulness you can discover your current negative behavioral patterns, whilst the Universe will show you whom you’d hurt in the past.

These two combined – genuine prayer and daily awareness – will help you to address the issue most people never address. The major source of pain will be removed from your life if you do this.

My current client suffers from this problem. He tends to view other people as mere players in the movie of his life. When no thought is given to how other people feel and how your actions affect them, you fail to connect the dots of why Life seems to be punishing you.

Whilst if you transition from self-centeredness to thinking about others first; if you, instead of feeling sorry for your self, get active in helping others with their sorrows through your work and during your free time, Life will become much more fulfilling and much easier.

We are all very closely connected. Every single intention of ours affects the world in some way. So as responsible individuals in this family of humanity, we must try to leave as positive impact on the world as possible.

If we stop being obstacles through the way that we think, behave and act, Life will also no longer seem so problematic. Things will start flowing smoother, help will be received in the strangest ways, and, best of all, we will wake up feeling deep peace and knowing that our very being contributes to the happiness of the world.