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For the study of astrology it’s unnecessary to believe in reincarnation. The author knew many astrologers who did not believe in reincarnation, but he believed that if those astrologers would study astrology more in depth, they would have to come to the conclusion that reincarnation is real.

However, the law of karma should be easily accepted by everyone because all people see that causes produce effects. A human being creates with his behavior the conditions of his future, whilst her current condition was created by her past actions.

On the other hand, reincarnation is not as easy to prove. Just because some people claim that they lived before is no proof of that. One doesn’t have any tangible evidence and can only arrive at this conclusion through reasoning.

According to the author, a human being is born in a new body for it to serve as an instrument for observation and action. Such experiences he cannot obtain in non-physical planes.

However, the transmigration of souls is a different matter and the author says that’s it’s not possible for a human being to devolve into a lower creature. There’s no regression, only continuous evolution.

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A human being remains human though he had to go through mineral, plant and animal conditions. That doesn’t mean he was a mineral, plant or animal, however.

Evolution cannot be made go backwards, nor can it be stopped. But it can be delayed. Knowing our natal charts allows us to quicken our personal evolution by becoming acquainted with the weak spots of our characters.

An evolving human being intuitively knows the weak points of his character. She feels in her heart that she should do something about them. Those weak points were created in her past existences, when she wasn’t much in touch with the moral law written in her heart.

There’s something which tells her what’s good and what’s bad. These moral codes are slightly different in different cultures, but when the person awakens he no longer needs to use the written moral codes of religions because that moral code will be discovered in his heart.

His behavior and the place of birth is determined by his past life conduct. The good karma that he created in past existences is shown by positive planetary aspects whilst the bad – by negative.

When the person becomes more conscious he feels that he should conquer his lower nature. If he succeeds in that, he not only becomes the master of himself but of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms; he then masters the forces of nature too. But this is impossible to achieve until the lower nature is conquered.

We cannot stop this evolution; we can either cooperate with it or oppose it. If we cooperate with it we get in harmony with the Creator. If we oppose, we shut out the universal guidance from our lives.

Being out of harmony with the Creator imbalances our thoughts, feelings and actions, eventually creating disease in our physical body.

When the body dies, the person is no longer in touch with the physical plane because the organs that allowed her to be in touch with it are no longer functioning.

Then she wakes in the world that most likely was invisible to her when the body was alive – the astral plane. This plane permeates the material world but it’s invisible to most people because of the presence of material body.

Her morality will determine the length of stay in the astral world. To elaborate (since the author didn’t), this means that if there is more karma to process the person will remain in the astral world longer.

Then the person experiences the second death, dying to the astral plane to become aware of the mental one. This plane again permeates the other two planes but the person is usually not in touch with it during his material existence.

This is the true abode of the person, where he assimilates the experiences of two previous states. These experiences get transmuted into characteristics and potentialities which will incarnate with the person in a new body.

Therefore, the person has three bodies: physical, astral and mental. These correspond with the three mentioned planes. The person goes through many lives in different epochs of the world to gain many-sided experiences.

The laws of karma and reincarnation rule our entire lives. Without these two the explanation of why people experience such different ways of living wouldn’t be possible.

People who are born in beautiful surroundings with healthy bodies and sound minds have many opportunities to progress due to their good deeds in past lives; those who are born in wretched circumstances with poor health and limited intelligence are deprived of much learning due to their bad deeds in past existences.

In the video above I cover a few more chapters, which are:

  • The Use of Astrology
  • The Aspects
  • Strong and Weak Natures
  • The Cosmos

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The next chapter I’m going to summarize from this old astrology work is going to be about fate and free will in astrology.

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