Soon I’m going to bet an eMTB – an electric mountain bicycle. But the speed of store-bought electric bicycles is restricted according to the EU regulations to 25 km/h.

This is ridiculous. We are told it’s for our own safety. It isn’t. Speed junkies will speed no matter what, and those who are cautious will not speed though they may have the capacity to. The elite only make up these excuses so that people easily accept them.

The controllers don’t care about your safety or health. They have an agenda to push – to control every human being, not to leave anyone behind.

They don’t want you driving anywhere far without them being aware of where you’re going. That’s why they give you a license plate, and you need to tie your identity to the car. They also want your money, so you have to pay for a license, etc.

The next step is electric cars. They are likely to be centrally-controlled, not driving you anymore if you do something against the government.

All these steps seemingly for our benefit and that of the environment are leading us firmly and quickly into being totally controlled.

And here I’m only discussing private transport. Changes are being made in every area of human lives – with the pretext of safety and environmental concerns human freedoms are dwindling away.

What can we do about this?

My suggestion is not to participate in this insanity at all. We still have an opportunity to work for ourselves and to live off-grid. We can walk or use bicycles to travel. These they still didn’t put under any license.

I’m currently going through a big change, which, if successful, may be able to give more freedoms to some of you too. But I can’t say anything more about it as it hasn’t happened yet. But do keep following my updates as this may soon take place (hopefully).

They create ridiculous rules which limit basic freedoms, and if we disobey, we can even go to jail. I’m at the point where I live how I want, and if they restrict me, it’s their karma. I’m not going to live in fear. It’s better to live how you want to, and to live fully at least for some time than to live a long time as a slave.

Thank God my young years were spent as I wanted to spend them. I have no regrets. I even now live freely and fully. I’m happy I always honored the feeling that I should never have children. Releasing children into this prison world is the idea which never appealed to me.

I feel sorry for the young generation – though we still have some freedoms left and some ways to go around the rules, I don’t know if this would be possible for the future generations and even the current young one.

These non-human entities have colonized our world, and because millions are asleep and work as paid and unpaid police force for the evil ones, I personally don’t see a way to transform the system, but just to leave it behind.