Egyptian paintings and statues are replete with fantastical figures humans used to worship. Some symbolize human genetic experimentation and mixing human and animal DNA to create monsters of all sorts.

It is told in some African creation accounts which Credo Mutwa shares that these beings came to this earth and started messing with our DNA. According to Pleiadian channelings, most ancient creation accounts on this earth were the versions of reptilians who hate the human species. Thus their take is that we were created as a slave race from the beginning.

Since we know that what is the official story is never true, and since we know we are more than slaves, it is not wise to believe in them.

Humans used to be powerful

According to Pleiadian channelings, humans were powerful and psychic beings, with many spiritual abilities. But these otherworldly entities had higher technological advances which they developed over their spiritual abilities. They wanted humans to serve them, so they deprived humans of their twelve-strand DNA, leaving only two strands in place. That’s the reason the brain is active only in some areas, whereas the vast majority of the brain matter is dormant. We also have “junk DNA” for this reason – it’s inactive after their messing with us.

After this genetic manipulation, humans became ignorant and easy to control.

Reptilians were in charge. They did not allow people to depict their true appearance, so these tyrannical creatures were depicted in different ways, but always non-human.

The fear grid

They did more than mess with our genetics. They placed a grid, a net over our world, the net of the vibration of fear. That is a real frequency that prevents the earth from being contacted by most good entities.

David Icke believes that this grid is maintained by the Moon. It is believed by some that the Moon is not a natural planet, that it was placed there for a purpose. Credo Mutwa talks about African ancient stories of the Moon being placed in the sky and people going crazy after. It is believed that the installation of the Moon may have caused giant floods which many cultures talk about, and it’s recorded in the Bible.

The fear grid, I believe, is reinforced by human sacrifice on ley lines. Also, when humans are not awakened, they reinforce this grid by maintaining the vibration of fear and teaching their children the world of fear, hostility, and limitation. When wars are created, I believe this grid is fed. When people hate each other, when there is no love, this grid benefits.

Not all of us are human

There seems to be no hope for humans. Yet, humans are not alone in this world. According to the belief of the people such as Jordan Maxwell and David Icke, those who are awakened are not of this world. They believe such humans to actually be Pleiadians in human bodies.

Pleiadian channelings reveal that Pleiadian beings in human bodies have certain codes placed in them that activate at appropriate times. For example, I got awakened after a question out of nowhere popped in my mind, and it was like a voice that was in my mind saying “Is this all life can offer me?” This led me to buy a book which eventually freed me from the 9 to 5 slavery. I talk about it on my About page.

David Icke also talks about the event that awakened him. I don’t remember the exact details as I listened to his story a while ago, but he was led to one psychic’s book and he felt the need to meet her. After some sessions with her, he was told that he has a mission on this earth. That’s how his career started.

Every awakened person has some kind of unusual story as such to share. It’s like we live in this world in a haze, questioning but not understanding, and something shakes us out of that sleep, and our lives take a totally new turn.

Even before the activation, light beings do not feel the same as earth beings. They question everything. They don’t understand this world. They want to figure it out. They do not have much in common with other humans.

Earth humans do not question. They are very easily led. They like to be controlled by some authority. They easily plug into the hive mind, and being singled out from the crowd is painful to them. They are programmed, and unquestioningly they program their own children. They don’t question things like why they are in a job they hate, they take their children to schools, they religiously drink the medicine the “expert” doctor gave them. They are drowning in misery yet they point their finger at others as the cause of that misery.

Jordan Maxwell calls earth humans “pawns”. They go where they are directed. The real battle is taking place not between reptilians and humans, but between reptilians and Pleiadians for the fate of humans. That’s why it can be so frustrating for the light beings to keep teaching humans where there is almost no response to the teachings – they really do not hear you, they really do not see what you are showing them. They are in deep hypnosis, right since the genetic mutilation of their bodies by the evil ones.

Our purpose here on earth

Since we are not of this world, we operate with more guidance. We have different codes placed in us which activate at different times. We get information downloads from the Sun and when we meditate. We get information downloads in our sleep. When we meditate and see different shapes, this is the encoded information. The more complex the shape, the more complex the information. That’s why we are able to know that something is true even before the experience of it. And then the experience comes.

Pleiadian channelings say that we are here for one purpose – to raise the vibration of the earth. If the earth remains in fear, it will be shut off from all the communications with good beings, totally left to self-destruct. Reptilians destroyed many worlds this way. In meditation and sleep, I traveled to those grey, desolate and abandoned worlds. I traveled to the worlds where beings live in constant fear of survival. This world will become such if its energy isn’t raised.

Our task here is to live in peace, harmony and love. Our task is not to go on protests and be angry at the oppressors, but to create our lives according to universal laws, so that they serve as examples for others. We have to first win over our reptilian brain, the side of us that is cold-hearted, calculating, selfish. The side of us that contains all the horrible reptilian traits. And then we need to create the world according to our intention, so that we create a piece of heaven here and others follow our example.

When we operate from the heart center, when we beam love, light and positivity, we allow the earth to receive the energy of love sent to our world from other universes. This helps to awaken other individuals and this weakens the reptilian control and the fear grid.

The more we manage to maintain our high vibration and respect the creatures and creations of this earth, the more light we are able to contain, and light is information. This benefits entire humanity, since all of us are connected. When enough people get the information of empowerment, a critical mass will be achieved and humans will be awakened.

That’s why it’s very important for us to remain the incarnations of light, love, hope, compassion and all the other good traits. We cannot afford to lower our vibration at this time as we are the ones stopping the evil agenda from progressing even further. When we lower our vibration, information in the form of light is blocked, and we are unable to understand more.

The laws of this world are not what they seem to be

Pleiadians claim that our world is different from others. It’s the world of free will, they say. This earth was created to be of unlimited possibilities with the laws that allow you to manifest anything that you want. Reptilians deactivated most of the DNA and placed their restrictions to live by, and the purpose of the light beings on earth is to show that those restrictions are only mental. All the limitations are in the mind – like the spoon-being scene in the Matrix movie.

Pleiadians say that our task is to keep our vibration high, to never lower it, and to intentionally create our lives. This will serve as inspiration for others to do other same, as humans tend to learn from the examples of other humans the most – more than from their teachings.

We can do the impossible even in these times of restriction, which is simply a manifestation of a limited mass-mind. Those of us who did not contribute to that restriction now live freely even in these times. This is how it’s supposed to be – you will be placed on this earth exactly where you harmonize with the environment.

How to change this world

We are to intend how we want to live and what laws work in our lives. We are to release this intention into the Universe knowing that the old manifested conditions will pass, and the new ones will arrive at the right time.

For example, we can intend to do only in life what gives us joy and get paid for it. We can intend for our health to get better with age and each passing year to become more interesting and joyful. There are no rules in this world, according to Pleiadians, so the only thing that can limit us is our current beliefs of what’s possible and what isn’t.

Pleiadians saw that because of extremely opposing energies in this world, it is likely that those who live in harmony with nature and with positivity will eventually give birth to another dimension – a new earth. Whilst those choosing to live in subservience to governments and live in selfishness and greed, will be left on this decaying world. Pleiadians said that the fate of those people is terrifying.

We are seeing now how different the energies are. You literally walk into different realities of humans. We can live quite close to one another, but our worlds are completely different. For example, here on my land, I created my own piece of heaven. Birds are everywhere, trees are changing their colors from green to autumn gold and red, the sun is shining so brightly illuminating these beautiful ancient trees. I love my world.

Yet in my country, v xx passports are already in place, people are unable to enter supermarkets without them, and government officials wish for unv xx ed people to simply die.

How different these worlds are. Yet, it’s a proof that our vibration is everything. We must keep it undisturbed, we must keep it high. Such vibration will free you – you must not look at the manifestations of evil. You need to concern yourself only with keeping your vibration high, and intending your life rather than thinking that you are at the mercy of some government official.

Remember, evil forces cannot harm you if you maintain a high vibration.

We need to stop needing to have authority over us

I must say here that some people take action which they think is freedom-promoting, when the opposite is the case. For example, people going on protest to reclaim their freedoms. They are affirming by such an action that they believe that they are not free. They are going to their masters to plead for more freedoms.

We have no masters. We are free and independent. Why do people want to live under some tyrannical authority? It’s time to create true freedom. This follows from pure intentions coming from the mind that knows the truth – that we are free already.

As long as humans want to be taken care of, as long as they believe that they can’t control their own lives and as long as they put blame on others, someone will control them. We need to save our own selves. We need to better the world by bettering our own selves. It’s time to become a true example for others to learn from.

No matter where you are now, what circumstances you are experiencing, start from there. Do not look at the limitations around you, but clear your mind of all the fear-based beliefs, and from this pure canvas intend the life you really want to live. Then see the world changing around you, day by day, manifestations of your old beliefs leaving your life and the new order of things establishing.