Ancient Egyptian Tarot BookI wrote this ebook because it’s very difficult to come across reliable information about the original tarot system of ancient Egypt.

Most people aren’t even aware of it – they’re only exposed to the christianized Rider-Waite version that departs from natural principles the cards represent.

To write this book I researched all the genuine ancient Egyptian tarot sources (provided at the end of the book) and designed cards in a way that would most accurately reflect the principles of nature.

Thus, this book has not only information about universal principles that each card stands for, but also original illustrations of those principles.

I researched not only ancient Egyptian card symbolism, but also constellations that each card represents, each sign, planet and number as it relates to this system.

Also, I included information about how to read the cards, different spread methods, how to make sure the cards show the truth, in-depth explanation of the major arcana, playing cards and minor arcana correspondences, in-depth minor arcana explanation, and much more.

I hope that this book will help you see universal principles in each tarot card so that these cards are no longer divorced from the rest of life but are its representations.

This is what Egyptian tarot cards are designed to do, and by seeing them this way you will be able to get life lessons from each one of them, whether through making a spread or by simply drawing one card in the morning to start your day.

The book format is PDF. It has 301 pages.

The suggested donation for this book is $29.99.


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