Nepal update

My boyfriend is playing a mobile game with a child of the guesthouse whilst I’m doing a life assessment for my client. At first this kind of life, mainly being on the hotel premises, really sucked, but now we’re getting used to it. At least we have a big garden – we are really grateful for it.

We decided to stay in Nepal if possible for a few weeks as now tourists are panicking too much and spending large amounts of money for charter flights. I know that normal flights may only resume after several months, but since we planned a few months’ travel anyway, that is okay with us. We don’t want to take part in that craze, and my boyfriend doesn’t want to go back to India either.

Now in India it’s very tough because police doesn’t allow anyone to go out. People are panicking.

Alcohol shops are closed so several people already committed suicides in the state of Kerala. In the news I see only one case but my boyfriend is from Kerala and he’s getting information that there are two people who ended their lives.

That was very unthoughtful of the government – to allow people to buy alcohol at any time and make them addicted, and then all of a sudden make no access to it for 21 days. Some people in Kerala start their day by drinking alcohol – that’s a sad reality. Fortunately it’s the old generation that’s heavily addicted and not the new.

The new generation are heavy weed smokers which is better than alcohol but it’s still a drug. Many would disagree, saying that weed is medicine. Yes, it can be, but if you get addicted (and many people are) then you start losing memory and patience, and your anger outbreaks may start being uncontrollable if the supply of weed is stopped.

In Kerala guys can’t get their supply of weed either because of the heavy police presence.

Here’s the news that my boyfriend just got about his native state.

One Kerala man got imprisoned as he was seeking alcohol during the curfew. In the bathroom in jail he found liquid soap. He read the ingredients’ list and found that it contained alcohol.
So he drank all of it and died.

That’s very, very unthoughtful of the Indian government.

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