Today I relaxed from coronavirus information-seeking and completed one life assessment as well as written an article on Capricorn Ascendant which I’m hoping to publish tomorrow.

This night I dreamt of a girl with beautiful black hair reaching the floor, and then I was dreaming that work had resumed in some city and people were getting busy again. Dreams were lacking clarity so I don’t think they were symbolic but that girl with long hair stood out.

Since I started writing about coronavirus, I’m getting many personal reports of what’s happening in the readers’ countries. A guy who wanted to volunteer on my land in Lithuania and is now living in the middle of nowhere in Germany (in a forest), has reported that drones were flying over his house, and the people he spoke to who were from another village reported the same thing.

This reminded of a NASA powerpoint presentation “The Future Is Now” supposedly written in 2001 and which was downloaded from NASA website. It’s the agenda for 2025, yet some say it’s a prediction of 2025 warfare.

It mentions “robotic/swarm technologies” (p.44), biowar (p.103), the use of radiation (p.82), silicone chips connected to human brain cells (p.100), the torture of Americans shown on news (p.93) to induce fear, and many other incredibly dark matters.

If you want to read it, I’ve uploaded it on my GDrive.

The reader commented about the drones in response to me posting a comment found on YouTube about the possibility of escaping into forests and similar places if the situation gets really bad. However, I’ve also received another comment that in France people parking their vans in forests are now fined by police and removed. They’re really trying to keep people staying in cities and running out of money.

Listen to “Short Personal Update: Coronavirus, 5G, NASA document” on Spreaker.

I’m sure in lower-budget countries such measures won’t be taken though, because they won’t have the funds to survey the forests.

In India people who work in “informal economy” (not paying taxes) are in real trouble as they still haven’t received any promised money from the government. The government encouraged people not to buy any food before the lockdown promising that “they will be supplied”. People are strongly forced to trust the government and to rely on it for their sustenance.

In the US I’m very glad to see people taking independent action against 5G as a result of being informed by alternative news sources. They drive to schools and around public places to check if 5G is really being installed, and yes, they find this to be the case (check #Stop5G videos on Twitter).

Unfortunately, these concerned citizens only reach the very bottom of the pyramid – workers who have no idea what the dangers of 5G are. They are simply doing their job.

I hope that some people won’t stop at those workers but will get the details of their employers and question them about who gave them these orders and will educate them that they will be responsible for the future illnesses and deaths of many. I hope people will keep petitioning and removing these harmful devices which are being installed for our destruction.

I strongly believe that the reason hospitals are being kept empty and tents are being set up for “future coronavirus patients” is because the elite knows that once they deploy this technology, many more “coronavirus” deaths will happen.

Check out Twitter’s #Stop5G to see birds dying from this radiation, extreme radiation is shown by radiation-measuring instruments near the 5G towers vicinity, and citizens confronting workers who install 5G whilst everyone is sitting at home.

Wildlife is dying from this high radiation, doctors and scientists warn about its harm, yet the media is assuring people there are no harmful effects! Videos “debunking” 5G harm keep popping up on YouTube. These are the first ones you see if you search for “5G” – all supporting its implementation!

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and YouTube are heavily censoring anyone speaking about these issues. London Real’s video featuring David Icke was taken down without any explanation. I get “False information” overlays on Facebook and Instagram when I try to share 5G – Coronavirus link. Whatsapp doesn’t allow to share this information either.

It’s very obvious that we have discovered a crucial link that must be implemented for NWO to be established. I’m so happy to see that people started resisting – some burn 5G towers, some threaten the telecommunication companies, some confront 5G installation workers. I started having hope for humanity after seeing all this.

I got several emails from people from heavily affected countries saying that the situation is indeed bad and that coronavirus is real. But when I asked for any sort of personal proof, like them seeing with their own eyes that hospitals are full, unfortunately nothing came forth.

I’m not saying that I’ve ruled out the possibility of it being a true virus rather than a common flu made worse by radiation or medicines, but so far I haven’t seen any video footage of overcrowded hospitals with people dying from suffocation.

I thought today I will totally relax from this topic, but I felt the need to post this short update. If you have any news from reliable sources (not the mainstream media) about what’s happening in your area, let me know by posting a comment below.