I’m starting to write the first book I got the inspiration for during my Vipassana meditation.

It’s going to be about revealing new age deceptions that seeped into every spiritual and religious branch, about their roots and effects, and a way out.

What I discovered during my research into the Dalai Lama scandal is shocking, even more shocking than what I’ve posted on YouTube. During my stay in the meditation centre I realized that the best way to reveal my research is in the form of a book.

My inquiry into this matter revealed a similar pattern of deception in all major religions, and even in seemingly independent spiritual branches. I cannot wait to share this with the world.

If you already know you’d like to read it, you can preorder* it for a lower price now.

You can leave a donation of $10 or more here, and you’ll get a password and a link to the area where I’ll be adding the chapters.

Those who pre-order will be the first ones to get it, and I’ll be waiting for their feedback to improve the book before publishing it to others.

Thank you for supporting my work.

*The preorder entitles you to access the book through my website – in the form of a page with the ebook content. The final ebook, however, will be published through Google Play Books. The price of it will be $19 to $29, something around that range. So this preorder entitles you to its access through my website only.