Every day, different studies come out explaining what’s good and bad for us. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of always reading such news, even though a year later the studies could be completely contradicted.

Of course, some things are damaging for us, such as alcohol abuse. But when people focus too much on avoiding certain foods, the opposite often happens, and they become sick or sickly-looking.

I’ve noticed this over and over again. Those focused on micromanaging their diets look unhealthy.

In truth, nothing is really healthy for us because of GMO’s and pollutants, but the good news is, our body is extremely intelligent. Our cells have adapted to this change in the quality of food, and they can function very well with you eating even processed foods, as long as you don’t have negative emotions and beliefs whilst eating them.

Some people smoke and live to a very old age. Some people eat mostly sweets and die a natural death because of old age. And some of those who are obsessed with nutrition die early. So just because you micromanage your diet doesn’t assure your health or longevity.

Instead of making enemies out of different foods, see all food as good for you. Affirm when eating anything that your cells are intelligent and that they will take the most nourishing aspects of your meal and will discard the rest. Affirm that food is your friend and that it keeps you healthy.

You deprive yourself of one of the joys of this life by being too food-conscious. Some people deny themselves almost all the ingredients, and then choosing from a menu at a restaurant becomes an unpleasant experience rather than a lovely one.

I, too, used to deny myself many foods, but now I eat almost anything, except pork, as I don’t like how it smells or tastes.

I love going to a new restaurant and browsing through their menu, and then selecting what feels tasty, rather than what I’m allowed to eat. There’s no need to set such boundaries for yourself and deprive yourself of any kind of joy of eating, in the name of health.

As I said, some people’s bodies are well-adapted to taking what’s best out of even the most processed foods, and, in my experience, if you eat thinking that the food will benefit you, that’s what happens.

(Of course, if you have a condition where some food can kill you, you cannot eat certain foods. It takes work with beliefs (sometimes even generational ones) and cells to improve the situation. Here, I’m focusing on the foods that don’t have such a negative effect but are avoided because some study says it’s bad for us.)

This existence is for us to enjoy rather than create new rules to live by. When you feel good about your body, and you think food is your friend, anything you eat is likely to nourish you. But when you hate your body and are very restrictive in your diet, even those few healthy ingredients will do nothing much to your well-being.

Material existence loses a lot of its taste when you deny yourself such pleasures. I personally love finishing my meal with some coffee drink, blended (iced) caramel macchiato being my current favorite.

I get a 500 ml cup of this goodness with cream on top, which I sip whilst I take an evening walk with my husband (and currently my mother). I love it so much to slowly sip it whilst lightly talking about the day’s impressions with my loved ones.

I appreciate everything during my walk – the people with me, the drink, the weather, the sights. I don’t want to deprive myself of any of my life’s blessings. And when I’m grateful this way, more of such blessings come to me, and none of them harm me.

Of course, if you’ve been denying yourself the happiness of eating what you want because of your beliefs, you need to affirm the opposite ones, and usually back them with facts, so that you don’t end up with negative effects.

But the more you affirm the opposite, and the better you feel eating what you want, the quicker the negative effects will disappear. We hurt ourselves more with our beliefs than with foods.

P.S. If you already have long-standing beliefs about certain foods, such as that sugar is damaging, you should affirm a positive belief every time you eat it, so that it doesn’t harm you.

Also, it takes being on a certain vibration to pull that off, because if you’re not on a high vibration, you’ll fall under the beliefs of the masses, and thus sugar and other considered bad substances can have negative effects on you.

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