In this article I’m going to summarize the introduction of a great esoteric astrology work by C. AQ. Libra, the author who wrote the book under this pseudonym.

This is such a wonderful book accessible to all on It’s great for those who not only start, but want to deepen their knowledge of astrology due to the esoteric insight that the author provides into this science.

Some of my own comments are in parentheses.

Astrology doesn’t require belief, only investigation. Anyone wishing to get the proof of it should only set up and examine one’s own birth chart, if the time of birth is known.

All our actions and everything that’s happening in this world are influenced by planetary bodies. Each star has its own influence, though it’s only some of the fixed stars that we consider in astrology because the influence of others is too insignificant to consider.

(Some astrologers leave out the fixed star interpretation altogether, because there’s so much that can be told about one’s character and destiny even without looking at this additional source of information.)

One of the reasons astrology receives a bad name is because some astrologers just call themselves so, without actually knowing the science. (I know such “astrologers” in India too, who prey on the ignorance of people in order to extract money from them; they never studied astrology but perceive it as a way to make fast money.)

Listen to “Old Astrology Book (Occult Planetary Information) – Introduction” on Spreaker.

However, the science of astrology is true and it can be proven by anyone who wishes to investigate. Usually people who are against it never actually researched it.

It would be much more useful for children at school to study their natal charts to understand what their destiny is and be warned of things that may go wrong, rather than them being forced to memorize historical dates they will have no use of in the future.

Every child is unique, and, unfortunately, our education system is forcing them to be like everyone else. However, if teachers would know their natal charts, the children would be able to be directed to develop their own unique talents which would make them successful and fulfilled in their own way.

The sciences of the world still only deal with the outer side of things, not willing to acknowledge the inner. (Now things start changing, but sciences are still only reluctantly start acknowledging the non-physical reality existence.)

Astrology deals with the forces yet unknown to science, therefore scientists won’t acknowledge them. The same applies to anything scientists are unable to prove with their tools – they simply neglect the existence of such things. (Until this childish nature is overcome, science will not make progress as quick as it could.)

So the inner, occult side of science is still unacknowledged.

It’s the occult science that gave birth to all the religions of the world. They all speak of the same truth, but they dress it in different garbs. And if people change religion for another religion, this should not be viewed negatively but as a proof that the person has outgrown one religion and thus is interested in another.

People who are becoming conscious are guided from religion to religion to gather the aspects of truth that each offers. This is in the consequence of moral and intellectual growth. At this time, religion is necessary for the growth of humanity.

Initiates were forbidden to speak of the universal truths so they hid them in religions. This is also one way that they preserved these universal truths from extinction. (That’s the reason people are attracted to religions – because they feel those universal truths that they contain.)

Astrology is one of the branches of this occult science, and in the future the author believed that more and more people would be interested in studying it to understand their own destiny better.

In the next article about this book I’m going to summarize the chapter about what the laws of karma and reincarnation have to do with astrology.