These two weeks I had a lot of time for myself. There is a pattern in my life when sometimes I’m very busy and sometimes not much is going on.

I actually like the non-eventful times more, because they give me many opportunities to read spiritual texts and meditate.

Though in general on a daily basis I try to be mindful, these two weeks I also did formal meditation, therefore.

Yesterday, during meditation I felt that pleasant sensation taking over my brain, and I felt powerless to fight against it. This is a sign of slipping into a better dimension, but this doesn’t lead to liberation. It’s very addictive and hard to resist.

I’ve found myself in a room full of light this time. That was my room, I knew this.

I felt spirits around me. The last time I felt that particular presence was in my rented house in Kerala, South India, where I stayed for six months. Some spirits tend to stay in one place only, but now I know that this particular group of spirits is traveling with me wherever I go. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why even though I’m alone, I never feel lonely.

That time in South India these particular spirits would get me into that altered state of consciousness when I was tired from yoga. One time they even massaged my feet. Now I again felt this relaxing presence and they held my feet yet again, but didn’t massage them. I know this sounds very strange, but this whole Universe is very, very strange, when you have more than five senses to perceive it with.

We are unlimited beings that inhabit multiple dimensions at the same time. But the forces ruling our world want us to be limited to our five senses.

They did a great job of this already. When people live in cities breathing toxic air and eating toxic food, get indoctrinated in schools, universities and by watching TV, most only believe in what they can see or touch.

As now the world is becoming even more limited due to the elite aggressively implementing their NWO plans, this gives me even more motivation to get liberated.

Never would I want to be reborn in this prison-like world. If their plans are successful, after several decades people will be totally controlled, maybe microchipped. The last David Icke video connects all the dots of why we are going through all this chaos of vaccination and lockdowns. I highly recommend watching it.

The good thing about current limitations is that now there is plenty of time to meditate. We need to use all their restrictions to our advantage.

Would you like to again be born in a world that’s more restricted, where human beings are connected to AI and kept alive only for as long as they are useful to the system?

If not, maybe you too will be motivated to transcend this existence.

Now the pressure form the system is huge. People are threatened with job losses if they don’t take the vaccine that wasn’t even approved as safe. But fortunatelly, we have a choice.

We can either live in fear and allow it to dictate our actions which is guaranteed to lead us into more misery, or we can surrender our lives to our True Self which will then direct our actions. This is our escape route.

Do not allow the system to bully you into making decisions that you will later regret. Without any fear, trust your True Self. Without it, this world could not have come into being. It creates, sustains and destroys worlds. Put your trust in That, and It will guide you out of fear into fulfillment.

Now can either be the worst or the best time of your life. It all depends on where you place your trust.

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