Positivity movement is huge as a result of many New Age books supporting this kind of mindset. And I believe that there’s huge power in positive thinking. It helps people who are stuck in life, who are depressed and have very low self-esteem.

It helps people to change their lives and I too used it – positive thinking enabled me to start my own successful business, to trust myself, and to manifest money travel the world.

However, there comes a stage where you can no longer hide from the fact that positivity is like a protective wall. It’s not a truthful way of living because you leave out a big part of what this existence is.

Yes, we can deny that there are no children experiencing abuse, that it’s all a dream. And yes, this reality is a sort of dream. But we are characters in it, so for us it’s reality as long as this Maya, the illusion of the world, continues.

And we are in this Maya to learn what it has to teach us. If we block the negative part of life eventually we will understand that we put a stop to our spiritual and personal progress.

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Pain can teach us much more than pleasure; and when we’re in touch with the horrors of this world, a more balanced and right action will follow. People get inspired to change the horrors of this world by being exposed to them.

I don’t think it’s right to live in the bubble of self-induced positivity for too long. Because this world is in pain and it needs our help. If we block ourselves from experiencing the pains of others we will have no desire to provide service to alleviate the pain in some way.

Also, those who live in the bubble of positivity feel its vulnerability and can even attack those who dare to challenge their positive views. That in itself shows to me that the change is only external – that internally the person is weak and vulnerable to negativity.

If a person would be really transformed by the positivity movement there wouldn’t be any fear to face someone who has a wretched life. Yet most new-age positive-thought adherents are scared of facing the rougher side of life.

Also, the personality doesn’t develop simply because one is trying to be positive. It just serves as a protection from negativity for those who are too weak to face it.

It’s like a person that I know who is very wealthy but is afraid to expose himself to any scarcity views. But then he remains cut off from people who need financial help and lessons, because he just refuses to acknowledge the reality of lack.

Being exposed to the dark side of life doesn’t mean being transformed for the worse. Being exposed to darkness can give you inspiration to do something about it. Being exposed to negativity gives you a more balanced view of the world.

If you’re only facing positivity and then some true disaster happens, how will you cope? But if you’re not denying the negative side of life, it will prepare you more to face life’s bigger challenges.

I remember how Eckhart Tolle explained a similar idea that life without troubles is the best life. He said that if you experience no challenges, live somewhere on an island drinking coconut water all the time, then when one day you get coconut water that’s off, this would seriously take you out of balance.

We need challenges, we need to be exposed to the negative side of life so that we are balanced and strong. Positivity movement provides a safe womb for those who need it, but eventually this kind of protection become suffocating, and you know that you’re lying to yourself.

So I don’t think that in the long-term it’s healthy to run away from the negative side of life, though it could be important at some growth stage for you to heal and strengthen your optimism muscle.