Garden view

As the weather is getting colder, I find myself more and more indoors. But there’s a lot to do.

If I’m not working on life assessments, writing articles or making videos, I’m painting the living room. If I’m not painting, I’m reading yogic writings and meditating.

I recently realized that I’m not using this time on my own to its full advantage. I could fully focus on spiritual practices every spare time I have. So I’m doing that now.

And I’m not really alone. Do you know that cat that appeared in some of my videos? Well, he became a more permanent resident now, as I trained him to do all his business in a box with sand, and he calmed down quite a lot, happily lounging on a sofa, woodstove, or on my lap.

He came into my life just at the right time, when, several months after moving in, I started missing human contact.

When I was thinking about having a human connection, I would remember how ignorant the majority of people are, and this would reduce the need for a such connection. But now I have lovely company.

Aft first, I named this cat a “terrorist”, as he just wouldn’t leave me alone and would want to get into my house like his life depended on it.

Being a stray probably since early days, he didn’t know how to behave inside – he would eat my plants, scratch carpets, and jump on every surface.

But since he was so insistent on staying inside, I took it as a sign from the Divine that he’s supposed to be here. So I started training him as much as I could, and now he’s making good progress.

Now, therefore, I have a sweet loving friend at my side, who stays with me during the day, and on some nights he goes hunting.

Apart from increasing my spiritual practices, another thing that changed in my life is that I started cooking a lot more, weaning myself off any store-bought ready-made food, which can obstruct some spiritual progress as the body gets clogged with toxins. It’s so much healthier to eat food made by yourself with good-quality ingredients, and actually cheaper too, and quite enjoyable to make.

I know some people are interested to hear about my spiritual progress. I feel that I shouldn’t talk about this, and I know that if the time arrives to freely discuss it, I will. I can only say this place is excellent for spiritual progress, as I’m surrounded by nature, with no human in sight.

I’m almost completely off-grid. I’m just connected to the electric grid. And I don’t even get any wifi signals here, apart from on rare occasions seeing some weak wifi connection – probably of someone’s hotspot connection when visiting someone living nearby.

So this place meets all my requirements for a spiritual retreat, but because after purchasing it I was so busy with renovation, I totally forgot this initial intention. But now I’m enjoying this natural place for all it can offer me.

Before the night falls.

About mice. Since I closed all their entries into my farmhouse, only small ones manage to get in. I know how they enter – there’s definitely a nest in the attic. But since the attic is huge and needs total renovation, I will be able to start clearing it only from next summer.

For this reason, encouraged by my mother, I obtained some mouse traps. But after getting them, all sorts of messages started reaching me from books and audiobooks about non-violence, so I took it as a sign not to use them.

I just hide all the edible things from them. Yet then they start destroying inedible things – like my plastic straws, and even my natural soaps. They actually can eat anything, or at least try to – I’ve found some old wires destroyed by these little creatures, as well as paper in the farmhouse.

Since I keep the cat at night only in the kitchen so that no carpets or plants are destroyed, only that area is protected. But hopefully, as the summer arrives, I will be able to take care of this issue. For the time being, some of my possessions will probably suffer from these little destroyers.

Hopefully, soon I will have a water supply in my house. This is an archeological land, with 5th-century artifacts found all over the place. It used to be inhabited at that distant age, and then nobody lived in this area for a very long time. So I had to get an archeological survey done to be able to build a well near my house. That’s why it’s taking so long to get the water supply inside the house.

But now the survey is done, so my well should be dug quite soon. Just in time for winter.

I got used to living without running water. It’s healthy to go out to draw water from the well, and do other outdoor work. It provides an essential body workout. But, of course, this isn’t pleasant in cold winter months.

So these are all the farmhouse and my life updates to share with you. Finally, here’s an image of my sweet companion sitting next to me and cleaning his fur whilst I’m typing this article:)

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