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In this article I thought I would analyze the natal chart of Mother Teresa. I checked whether her birth time is exact, and actually her birth time listed in astrology websites is not absolutely certain.

Here it is shown that her Ascendant is in Sagittarius and that might be correct, because we know that she had been living a great part of her life in India, and we can see that the ruler of Sagittarius (which is Jupiter) is in the ninth house.

This house is about spirituality, living abroad, public thought, culture and so forth. So her life was about living in India and spreading Christianity, doing spiritual work, which is the situation shown in her natal chart.

So it’s very likely that her Ascendant was indeed in Sagittarius. However, the way that she looked and got her fame was very Capricornian, and this sign is in her first house.

 In this natal chart we can see that there are some things that quickly stand out. For example, we can see that there is a bucket configuration, and most of her planets are on what is called in astrology  the western hemisphere.

It means that she is moulded by circumstances. Events influence her personality rather than she herself forming the circumstances; she is not thinking independently of the circumstances but her thinking is influenced by what she sees around her.

As I said, there is also a bucket configuration – we see retrograde Uranus apart from all the other planets; so she is channeling energy through this planet. And yes, she was unusual – Uranus gives eccentricities, advanced ways of thinking and an unusual appearance.

She was very unusual; she would always wear her signature saree; I read about that. She was a western woman wearing a saree in India which was made from the cheapest available material to buy (I think for sarees) and this became her and her nuns’ signature wear – the white saree with a blue edge.

She was very unusual in the way that she looked in India and that’s what Uranus does – it gives you unusual looks or the wish to shock with your appearance when located in the first house, whilst if it’s located in the twelfth house (if it’s not too close to the Ascendant) it produces unusual thinkers rather than those shocking others with their appearance.

Basically, she channelled herself through Uranus. And we find this planet retrograde in her chart. We can see two retrograde planets in the chart in total, so she was not a late starter which sometimes retrograde planets cause people to be, were there more of them.

Another thing that we can notice is that her earth signs are very energized; she has six planets in earth signs so this makes her a very practical person, and gives her a very down-to-earth attitude.

She indeed was very practical. She managed to survive on very little money when she was only starting her order of nuns, and she was always helping the world in physical ways.

I remember reading the story of how an Indian man thinking her to be a usual Christian missionary forcing people to convert visited her home of the dying (formerly known as “Mother Teresa’s Kalighat Home for the Dying Destitutes”) and was absolutely shocked to find her picking maggots from the flesh of a dying person.

 It was also about using her mind in order to gain funds of course, and not only physical work, but it’s indeed easy to see that she was very physically involved in helping the poor.

Actually I visited her place in Kolkata where her tomb is located as well. I stayed in a modest room offered by nuns for a few days. The energy of the place is very interesting, so I recommend visiting “Mother House” if you ever find yourself in Kolkata.

Mother Teresa’s room in Mother House.

The way that she achieved fame was done in a very Capricornian way as well, because Capricorn people achieve significance through ways that people don’t notice, or through some strange, unusual or secretive ways.

She probably did not consciously want to become known, but the way that she became famous is, of course, very unusual. She is still the only one of a kind. Uranus located in Capricorn, of course, added even more uniqueness to her ways of being.

We can also see that her life was about justice and seeking somehow to improve the lot of humanity because her Midheaven is in Libra, and also Jupiter is there, the planet of religion, expansion and higher education. So her life was all about spreading religion as well as helping the world.

We can see that her Neptune is afflicted and is located in the seventh house which gives unusual marriages; people who have this planet in their seventh house sometimes find it difficult to see their partners for who they really are.

This placement quite often causes people to remain celibate because Neptune is the planet of celibacy, so this obviously applies to Mother Teresa and we also know that she was married to Jesus like all nuns are, which again makes this planet suitable as it gives unusual unions.

We can also see a somewhat afflicted Pluto, again in the seventh house, though its influence will also be felt in the sixth house which would manifest as being never enough of work, never enough of promotion of her work, never enough of spreading the word about her work in order to gather more funds (as we find the ruler of Gemini in the ninth house). It could also mean always employing intelligence in her work and it becoming an all-obsessive activity in one’s life.

Since Pluto is located in the seventh house, and keeping in mind that it’s in the sign of Gemini, it could mean that she felt lack of intimate closeness with those who were her partners. In her diary made public it was revealed that she never felt close to Jesus, and that she longed for that closeness. This is indeed possible with Pluto located in the house of partnerships.

We can see that her planet Venus is located in the eighth house. This house is about death, sex and secrecy, and this again applies to her because in her life she was as though in love with death, some people would say, because she would, for example, instead of helping people to fight death, sometimes would accept that they are dying and she would actually want them to die sooner in order for them to meet Jesus quicker.

She was kind of in love with death, therefore, and this was a known quality of her – no wonder Venus is located in the sign of Leo (which is about drama, fame and play) in the eighth house.

Since her Sun is also in this house, it means that she gained her sense of self from being involved (in her case) with death. Something as gruesome as taking out maggots from the dying person’s flesh was not seen so by her, as she had these two benefic planets in the house of secrets. Leo on the cusp of the house may also indicate death being seen much less seriously than by most.

Even her Part of Fortune is located in the same house, so this definitely means that she was doing what she was supposed to do in life. She had a lot of energy to dedicate to her work involving death.

Also, she had a lot of energy to work abroad and to help the world as her Mars is between the houses nine and eight, and located in the work sign of Virgo. She also had ambition and her efforts to help the poor were continuous, as Mars is strengthened by Saturn in Taurus.

Her efforts involved spreading her ideas far and wide, and Mars as a ruler of Aries found on the cusp of the fourth house being located as it is gives a high likelihood of dying far away from home, which was the case with her – she worked and died in India, whilst she was born in Macedonia.

Black moon Lilith is located in the tenth house which sometimes gives people the temptation to abuse their occupation, like giving the temptation to use their influence over the public for evil; but since it’s located in Libra and keeping in mind the fact that it’s not afflicted, this might not have been a strong inclination.

Her Moon is in Taurus, which means that she was seeking security in life, and the ruler of the house of finances is located in the first house, which means that she would make money from her own efforts, and also since it’s retrograde it would give funds (although they would come and go) later in life. Funds would be obtained through planning and doing something innovative, something that is unusual.

We also find Saturn in the fourth house and it’s located in Taurus, which means that she was a stubborn person, and the Moon can indicate the same. And this means that if she really wanted something, she would somehow get it; she would not give up until she got what she wanted. We can see this being the case with how she established her unusual order despite of the difficulties and the conservative Catholic Church.

Saturn is located in the fourth house which means that there were some difficulties in the family. Sometimes it can mean the death of one or both of the parents, but I don’t see harsh aspects to evil planets, so that might not be the case; but it may mean strict parents, strict traditional upbringing, and also the cusp of the fourth house is in Aries which again gives arguments in the family and a family life that’s definitely not peaceful.  

So I think that’s all I wanted to share with you about Mother Teresa’s chart, but there are, of course, many more things that could be told about her life, like that she was very sensitive about her relationships, and that she was sensitive about her self-expression.

Furthermore, she was lucky in gaining cash through appealing to the emotions of people, and she was perceived abroad as very organized, helpful, maybe compassionate and detail-oriented; her friends were from abroad but some of them weren’t wishing her good; and, finally, that the end of her life was most likely to have been peaceful.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you about the natal chart of mother Teresa. I of course, as you might have noticed, almost did not touch upon the aspects between planets as that would take a much longer article to explain, nor did I mention any fixed star influence, but think that I explained the gist of what Mother Teresa and her life were about.

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