Mercury retrograde

From the 29th of May till the 22nd of June this year Mercury is retrograding. That means that traveling, signing contracts, making purchases and communication may not go as planned. Even from the 14th of May, when Mercury nears its retrograde period, problems could have begun to arise with the matters ruled by this planet.

It’s very likely that during this time plans in general will not go smoothly, and you will have to redo things, fix things that got broken, and plan yet again to meet the people or engage in the activities that didn’t go as you expected.

In general, things that are ruled by Mercury may malfunction, slow down, and unexpected things can happen to them.

In this post, I will tell a few things that recently happened that are connected with this retrograde period. I have to type this on a laptop whose keyboard started malfunctioning during this period too, and since this piece of technology is to do with communication, it’s ruled by this planet as well.

I would rather not schedule anything now at all, but some things I needed to get done were beyond my control to decide when to do them. Thank God the selling of the apartment finished right before Mercury went retrograde. But even after the selling of the apartment, when Mercury was retrograding, I needed to visit the notary once again, to sign final sale documents.

That was canceled. Apparently, two people got tested positive for Covid, so the entire office had to shut down. This is now postponed until the further date, which still falls into the Mercury retrograde time so I’m not sure how that will go.

It’s not that all plans will surely come to nothing, but during Mercury retrograde times they are much more likely to change, to be canceled, or to not go as you expected.

The other thing that happened was again connected to what Mercury rules – short trips. This happened both to my mother and me.

My mother was traveling to visit my brother, who also lives in the UK but far from her. Her train got delayed for 25 minutes, and then she needed to change trains but couldn’t find the connection and missed the second train. This is very, very usual for the Mercury retrograde period, and therefore it’s best to delay important travel.

I too experienced travel problems during this retrograde period. For example, once I ordered a train ticket online. The money was deducted from my bank account, but I didn’t receive the ticket. I booked it whilst on the train, so I showed the bank transaction to the ticket conductor and he allowed me to travel without a ticket.

A few days later, I had to travel once again, and the train didn’t arrive for twenty minutes. Because of this, I missed a connecting train. I got my name recorded in the train station and was told that the ticket conductor on the next train would allow me to travel free of charge, as it wasn’t my fault that the train was delayed. Well, the conductor didn’t know my name, but believed me when I explained the situation.

And now, the worst thing that happened to me only yesterday.

After an unsuccessful trip to the bank about the division of the remaining income of my father (I will have to come back the second time), I took a train back to my land.

Once I arrived, I was met at the train station with maybe a hundred mosquitoes – I’m not exaggerating. So I’ve found out that the mosquitoes are vicious in this vicinity in the evening, yet on my land they are not as bad though they do get very active in the evening.

I had thirty more minutes to walk to my hut, so I tried to make this trip as short as possible by walking briskly. But then one shoulder strap of my backpack snapped, and at the same time the wheel of my spinner luggage came off! I couldn’t believe it.

So I had to put my backpack into the luggage and drag that broken piece for the rest of my travel. And this happened just at the beginning of my walk home. So imagine me dragging this heavy luggage whilst a swarm of mosquitoes is following me.

That reminded me of another instance when I was dragging heavy luggage after I landed in the UK. I was traveling either from India or Nepal, and my luggage contained quite a few singing bowls. When I was in the London metro, one wheel of it came off, if I remember right. After I got to my friend’s place, my hands were killing me.

The mosquitoes were even stinging my scalp! I couldn’t believe how vicious they were, much worse than what I’ve experienced in the jungles of India. I guess it’s because in the evening the people here tend to stay at home if they live in nature. So there are few targets for them to feast on.

When I finally got back home, I realized that because of dragging the luggage all this way, a big hole was made. The pretty storage box I purchased before my trip back was damaged, and I lost a chocolate bar. Thankfully my smartphone didn’t fall out, which could have easily happened since I had put it directly into the spinner luggage.

So these are some events connected with the things ruled by Mercury which happened during the retrograde period of this planet.

The reason I wrote this is to provide my personal account of what can go wrong during this period. Astrology is a true science, it’s not a joke. It really makes sense to at least consider the planetary map when you are thinking of embarking on something important.

The next retrograde time will start on September 27th -28th (depending on your location) and will last till the 17th – 18th of October, but even before this period from around the 6th of September, its effects will start being felt.

So it’s best not to plan anything important during such a period of time.