There are talks going on online that the crown virus vaccine is going to be mandatory. If that’s the case, human rights as we know them will no longer exist as such action will deny any kind of human freedom.

However, even if this indeed takes place in certain countries, it’s important to understand that we are not actually free as soon as we are born on this earth. This earth is controlled by Saturn/Jehovah and it’s a sort of prison world.

But the good news is, we are not our bodies, so even if we get injected with something lethal and it alters our DNA and makes us the property of someone, they can only own our bodies but not souls, and not even minds (unless we submit to their doctrines).

Christians believe that this vaccine could be the mark of the beast. Yet they believed in thousand other things being the mark of the beast. As I grow in understanding, I’m arriving at the conclusion that the mark of the beast could be something that would make us the property of someone.

Because Jehovah would not want other beings claiming humans as their property, it’s told in the Bible to avoid this mark, and Quran mentions a similar mark too (the god of Muslims, Jews and Christians is the same – Saturn/Jehovah).

So I believe that avoiding the mark of the beast (whatever that is) is not so much about our salvation but us not belonging to anyone but Saturn.

It’s, of course, better not to get such a mark at all, yet if we are forced to, it’s only our bodies that get owned by someone and not our souls. So this is very important to keep in mind.

I see many good souls getting very negative about what’s happening today in the world, but we can’t win with such negativity. Daily mindfulness practice is one of the best ways that I’ve found to deal with what’s happening, because many changes are beyond our control yet we can always be in control of our thinking and we can heighten our awareness.

Daily mindfulness allows us to get detached from our bodies and the world in general, and able to watch what’s happening with the sense of distance. This enables us to make more objective and better decisions than if we are emotionally involved with all the chaos taking place today.

I hope this explains my take on whether vaccines indeed could be the mark of the beast. It could, but at the end of the day only our bodies can be owned, not souls. If the vaccine indeed alters our DNA, it’s about physical change and not spiritual.

Who we really are cannot be controlled as we are the awareness itself.