This article is going to be divided into three sections.

Firstly, I will talk about some personal things. Then I will discuss why I’m wearing a mask. Lastly, I will share with you a 2020 EU document on the current situation, and what they are planning for us.

Personal Update

Today in the morning it was -9°C (15.8 °F). The temperature keeps dropping, but I continue my daily walks so that I adjust to the climate. I think I’m doing quite well. I can complete my long walks even in such a temperature.

I’m currently extremely busy and I’m thinking of delegating my work. I want to focus entirely on my astrology work, making videos, and writing articles. So this means I will have to hire people or companies for other work.

There are so many things going on in my life at the moment that I can hardly keep up. I always have Life Assessment work to do, I’m revising my palmistry book, reading driving theory, creating videos, writing articles, and filing documents for my permanent stay in Lithuania.

When under so much pressure, I realized how important it is to delegate. I’m only one person, I can’t do everything.

My plan is to delegate everything that I can and only leave for myself astrology work, making videos, and writing articles. That would be excellent, but, of course, I will need to see how much my finances would allow this to happen.

On mask-wearing

A reader, seeing a social media picture of me wearing a mask, asked why I’m wearing such a thing.

I’m wearing a mask not because I believe in this virus. I’m wearing it because this causes the least friction in society.

People who watch TV every day (the majority) totally believe in the deadliness of this virus. They see those who don’t wear masks as completely insane, as a threat to society. This is the reality they live in, and to act in total contradiction to their beliefs cannot cause them to open their minds.

My way of approach to this situation is to blend in and then share my understanding of the situation if I’m asked for it, and in a gentle way. I don’t think that going totally against their beliefs will open their minds to listen. It would close them completely, rather.

So this is the way that I act. It causes the least friction. You may know that many YouTubers were de-platformed for openly speaking up against the system. Now their voices are lost to many.

I think we should try to be less obvious and blend in more, because this will preserve our voices and therefore get us heard by more people.

The other way will just get us silenced and will create enemies.

What’s in store for us

This EU document was written two months ago. It applies to the entire world, of course, as now the governments of the world are taking identical steps. Yes, some of them may differ, but the meat of the plan is the same.

I read this document with great interest. I will share with you the most important bits I got out of it.

In the document it was deliberated how to make the vaccine more acceptable to those who now refuse it.

What’s going to be used is peer pressure. People refusing to get vaccinated will be blamed from preventing herd immunity from forming. So pressure will be from all sides.

They are not likely to force the vaccine on us, but they will refuse some services if we don’t take it. The main thing emphasized in the document was traveling. No vaccine, no travel. This is very likely to happen, unfortunately.

Another sector is jobs. Certain employments, especially in elderly care and healthcare, will likely to have this requirement. The excuse will be that you will pose risk to patients and the elderly if you don’t get vaccinated.

There was also much talk about tracking people, seeing in real-time how many people took the vaccine, and which areas are more compliant and the opposite.

The last interest thing in the document was how they plan to deal with conspiracy theories. There were several methods suggested, and the one that was particularly interesting was employing celebrities to fight conspiracies.

Nothing new here. Celebrities were employed from the very beginning of this crown virus craze, having identical messages to share. So they are likely to be used to convince people of the safety of the vaccine as well.