I don’t belong to the Christian religion, but how Jesus lived his life is a huge inspiration to me.

“Take no thought for tomorrow…”;

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?”

Passages as such, and how Jesus had nothing, not a penny, yet when he needed anything, at that moment was supplied, deeply resonate with me and fill me with joy.

I got to the stage where I can live worry-free. I’m letting go of any long-term planning, and rely only on the guidance of my Higher Self.

This kind of lifestyle is deeply fulfilling, as you end up being exactly where you’re supposed to be, and things work out better than with your mind’s guidance.

For example, for my current trip (follow me on Instagram for my travel updates), I felt I shouldn’t plan anything at all. I didn’t even know if I’d take a bus or a train to get to my next destination.

I ended up taking the train. I bought the second class ticket, as that’s the only type available if you travel without planning several weeks in advance. 

When the train arrived, I saw one of the train staff. I asked him if it’s that particular train, and he motioned me in. 

Once on the train, I realized I was in a sleeper compartment and not the second class. Yet, I went with the flow and stayed there. 

The ticket inspector came in. Didn’t even see me. Then, a group of school children with teachers got on (you can see some of them in the pictures of this post). They were traveling to the same destination as me.

The hours flew because of being in a good company. One of the teachers shared the same interests as me, was of the same age, and our date of births were eight days apart! She gave good recommendations about which spiritual places to visit in that particular locality, and we exchanged contact details.

The ticket inspector came in the second time. Didn’t pay any attention to me, as though I didn’t exist. So my journey costed maybe four or five times less, though I was prepared to pay for my stay in a higher class compartment.

So though I didn’t book the ticket in advance, because of trusting my Higher Self, I traveled in comfort and in a good company.

Once I got off the train, I had no idea where I would stay, or even for how long. The first hotel I called had a great deal on accommodation, and there was a direct bus to there from the train station. 

I didn’t know the bus number to the hotel, but the first bus I approached was going to that particular area, and it was just leaving.

30 minutes later, I’m in the hotel. Mumbai was super busy, so my wish was to stay in peace in this locality. And it turned out that I was the only guest in that small hotel today, so it was totally quiet! 

So that’s how it is when you rely on your Higher Self only, rather than micro-managing everything. Life becomes fun, interesting, full of pleasant surprises, easy, and ever-new. I love living this way, and I love guiding my clients to this way of living as well.

Hi, I'm Simona Rich, the author of this site.

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