My body is in pain because of the amount of work that I do now. I’m digging more veggie beds, yesterday I applied paint dissolver to a part of my hut and scraped it off, and I cycled to a nearby town forty-five minutes away. (In the last post I called it a city but it’s a town, not a city.)

My well has finally been dug. I was waiting for this to happen for two years or so. And now it has manifested.

The team put five rings in because the main person doing the work knew this place was very watery. He was right. He got the exact number of rings it was needed.

I shared with him my concern that because the well was not deep, probably it would need to be deepened in the summer. He told that it’s not going to be necessary, but if that indeed be the case, he would deepen it for free. That’s the reason I wanted this specific man with his team to do this job – I’ve heard so many wonderful things about his work ethic.

He also came the next day to check the water level and the water-sand ratio. It was perfect.

But the job was very difficult. Watery sand kept seeping in through the rings, so it was hard to make them fit. He told that’s because it’s too early for a job like this. After much swearing and sweat, the team managed to fit them all in. Though the work was harder than expected, they took the minimum amount of money that they quoted – 650 euros ($782, ₹58,000).

Yesterday, I put four kilograms of salt into the well as they advised. For three more days I won’t touch it, then I will have to pump the water out for around five or six times until I would be able to use the water for cooking. But before that, I will also need to take the water sample to the lab to check if I can drink it.

Well has been dug.
My well has finally been dug.

So one of the main important works has been done on my land. Now the next very important work is either hut extension or a new home, depending on the money that I would have. If I get some of my father’s inheritance, I would get a small house built. If not, I would have to build a hut extension.

Now another good news. Leo has come out of under the hut and is home now. The advice I was given by one vet not to touch him has worked. I guess he got really scared when I tried to remove him from under the hut with a stick.

He’s very weakened now and sleeps most of the time, but at least he’s safe and warm. When I was in Vilnius (I have to go to the capital once a week for my tooth healing and father’s inheritance matters), I also got him a tablet which for three months repels ticks and flees.

I fed it to him with food, and a few hours later he started trembling quite badly. But now the shivering is almost gone. He had around ten ticks attached to him, but now I don’t see any on him anymore. The tick repelling collar that I got him proved absolutely useless, as the ticks were attached very close to it.

Back to the well. I now need to get a pump for it. That’s the reason I cycled to the nearby town. The shop there had the model I was looking for, so they were able to explain what kind of hose I would need, and I was able to buy the tool which keeps the hose attached to the pump.

Since the pump was quite heavy, I’ve ordered it from their e-store today rather than getting it in their physical store. But I will have to come back for the hose, as they have the exact type that I need. The time I was in the town, I already had my bicycle loaded with purchases from other stores, so I was unable to buy the hose then.

When I was in a food store at that time, I was exposed to so much vaccine propaganda. Every ten minutes there was a message of the importance of getting the shot, so that everyone is “safe” and “healthy”.

It was ridiculous. I felt so sorry for the people working there who were being brainwashed every day.

The censorship about these matters is very strong so I’m unable to talk about it on YouTube. Also, Google is gradually dropping me from the search results for the little I still say, so if you want to see my site still, you may want to sign up for my newsletter.

These are all the main things that have happened since my last update. Thank you for reading.