In this post, I’m sharing bits of information about current events and my commentary on them.

Firstly, about Donald Trump. Although I don’t trust politicians, I’m surprised to see that he’s making true changes. He cut the funding of WHO which is wonderful news, since it will play such a huge role in making the vaccine available.

At first he wanted to withhold funding for 60 days, but now it may become permanent, and the funds could be transferred to non-governmental health organizations! You can read this news piece here (simply press ctrl+alt to copy the text before the screen pops up asking you to log in).

I’m sure you know by now that Tedros Adhanom, the head of WHO, is a communist and committed acts of terrorism on the people of his country Ethiopia, so WHO should never be trusted.

Don’t even try to find any information on the people involved with this plandemic on Google as it’s heavily censored, thus this search engine has become quite useless. I’ve found a browser that seems to be showing correct results – DuckDuckGo with which I’m very happy.

Recently Google cleared a search term which brings up images of sexualized children. The phrase was “TV Television and Film”:

But now it seems that Google no longer serves the images of children after much fuss was made about the phrase when people found out.

So basically they censor people who think that Coronavirus is nothing but the common flu and they censor those opposing 5G, yet they show images of semi-naked girls. Interesting.

That being said, now any video that goes against WHO statements will be removed from YouTube. I was also censored by them and now I’m unable to upload any new videos. I’ve seen people’s channels who reported true news demonetized, such as Luke Rudkowski’s:

I’m wondering why isn’t Frank Tufano demonetized yet. He’s too talking against 5G and Coronavirus. Maybe his avoidance of pronouncing these terms actually works.

Back to Trump. I’m amazed how much he is hated by some celebrities and the media. This alone makes me like him more. For example, yesterday Madonna quickly jumped to repost Trump’s remark about the disinfectant which shows how much she hates him.

It’s assuring to hear famous people speak about the pedophile ring going down due to Trump. So I have some hopes about this president, but that doesn’t mean that if you believe in him you should passively sit and wait for him to save the world.

Watch the video Hollywood Pedophile Ring is Going Down.

The lie of philanthropy

I liked Amazing Polly’s video on the lie of philanthropy which I recently watched. Just because some rich people donate money to charitable institutions or do other good deeds doesn’t make them well-meaning.

I’m sure many of my readers already understand that just because some person is involved in helping the poor, etc., that doesn’t make him or her a good person. Yet, many still think so. This video is perfect for such people, as it explains how philanthropy can be used as a cover for dark activities.

Since our world is ruled by psychopaths, they do the very opposite to what they claim to. For example, organizations whose mission is to save children are actually involved in child sex trafficking. NGOs, United Nations, churches and charities are to blame. I’m not telling all of such organizations are involved, but many are – just listen to the testimonies of satanic ritual abuse or child trafficking survivors.

School teachers, priests, social and health care workers are involved. Any organization linked to the government will protect these pedophiles because the whole structure is designed to protect this abuse. It’s not for our safety that we have police and military, and I think that the lockdown has taught this many people.

The real purpose of social distancing

I’ve recently found out the real purpose of social distancing thanks to this highly informative and inspirational video:

This video received over 6 million views before being removed by YouTube for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”. Thankfully people downloaded and reuploaded it.

Dr. Rashid Buttar tells that he as an ex-military personnel knows that the real purpose of social distancing is to effectively track you:

Recent Israel protest against harsh coronavirus rules. These people are all tracked now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Israeli coronavirus deaths greatly increase after a month or two…

As a doctor he knows that no virus can simply jump from person to person, so social distancing is not for virus prevention. It’s used to effectively track individuals. Also, if 5G is implemented, troublesome individuals not only will be easily identified thanks to social distancing, but radiation will be beamed at them and their cause of death will be listed as coronavirus.

Coronavirus deaths are faked – there’s not even a true test detecting this virus (watch the video embedded above for doctor’s explanation). Countries which will ease the lockdown are likely to experience the resurgence of deaths not because people die of coronavirus, but because anyone dying of anything now could be listed as coronavirus’ victims – hospitals are paid for people dying of this cause. So countries which will ease the lockdown will be taught through these fake coronavirus deaths that they shouldn’t ease on the lockdown, so that the slavery continues (unless we do something about it).

Coronavirus is a plandemic

There’s a 1995 Illuminati card game which predicted this plandemic. It predicted 9/11 too. Here’s the card showing what we’re experiencing now:

Click on the image to enlarge. Pay attention to the last sentence!

Through this plandemic the elite also plans to show to humanity just how beautiful the world can be without using fossil fuels. Firstly, they are the ones that destroyed nature through factories and mass-pollution. Clean energy is available but anyone daring to reveal the method gets killed. That’s because the plan of the elite is to use humans as an alternative energy source rather than anything else like free electricity.

That’s the reason psychopath Bill Gates with satanist Marina Abramovich released the alternative reality program. That’s why he holds a 2020 – 060606 patent for earning cryptocurency for body activity. Like we’ve seen in the Matrix, these sick people want to turn us into batteries.


Refuse the vaccine. Refuse to be part of this sick system. Don’t fear for your survival as through fear you can be enslaved. Keep strengthening your connection to the Higher Self so that you are guided.

You can deepen your meditation during these uncertain times by meditating the same time each day. Then even if your mind is fearful, eventually it will calm down and you’ll learn how to shift your vibration to even experience other realms. We can travel not only with bodies but minds too, and maybe for quite a while that’s the only way we will be able to travel.

But meditation is needed not only for that. If we understand that we’re not our bodies, and that death doesn’t exist, we will be fearless in the face of these times of uncertainty.