In this astrological reading, I’ll focus on analyzing the chart of Johnny Depp, a well-known actor.

Johnny Depp’s character

Looking at Johnny Depp’s Ascendant and its influences, this actor is well-meaning, friendly, optimistic and a friend to rely on, but lacking in inner strength, which can make him subject to various influences.

The Neptunian influence on the Ascendant shows that he may have difficulty in understanding who he really is, and I guess many actors do. So it’s very easy for him to portray other characters, because there’s no strong inner personality core.

However, this Neptunian influence also makes him subject to addictions and weakening influences, further destabilizing his inner self. This influence will almost be impossible to remove, because it’s at his core.

Because of the Sun’s influence on the Ascendant, fame was not difficult for him to achieve, but it did require work. The more social he is, the more fame he can gain, and he has a very strong social side for sure.

Because of the influence of Jupiter, he’s naturally a lucky person, and the more self-assertive he is, the more success he will achieve. It should be easy for him to study what he finds interesting, and learning can become a lifelong passion.

It’s easy for him to achieve goals, as long as he’s active about their achievement.

Friends, too, help a great deal in his goal achievement. Reliable and well-meaning friends is a very important part of his life, and he has many friends as such. He feels more stable and happier in a company of trusted friends.


His family, too, served as this destabilizing Neptunian influence, where there was no discipline or organization, but mainly chaos. And though this served him well because he learned to be flexible and adaptable, it also made him much influenced by other people and the changes of circumstances.

Marriage and long-term partners

From the negative interactions of the planets in his chart, we can see that the most misfortunes will be experienced because of his sudden, unthoughtful actions that will lead to drastic changes.

Also, some misfortunes will be experienced because of his work and mother, and because of his marriage or long-term partner. Unpleasant events can also take place because of business partners.

He is not advised to get into partnerships of any sort, even marriage, but some of such partnerships could be fated.

These misfortunes and their causes are clearly represented by the negative triangle made by the planets positioned in the first, tenth, and seventh houses, and by the afflicted Venus, representing his mother (which also is part of the negative triangle).

The marriage partner and his mother are stronger characters than him, and since their influence is negative, he had to suffer a lot from these women, as it is known already. Johnny Depp is more similar to his father in character than the mother.


Something to know about his mother. Since the Mercury-Venus conjunction is conjunct Algol, and it’s in Taurus making negative aspects to malefics, we can find out that the mother is an intelligent and strong character, yet negatively driven, violent, and the cause of the misfortunes of others and herself.

What brings Johnny Depp luck

Enthusiastically pursuing what interests him, taking charge, and going ahead is what gives Johnny Depp success. He will also experience luck traveling, especially far from his native place.

Also, spirituality and deep study bring him luck.


Johnny Depp earns most money by totally focusing on his work, and this is something that is natural for him – he and work are inseparable. But no matter how much he earns, it will never be enough, as seen from the placement of Pluto in his second house.

Women in Johnny Depp’s life

He is attracted to strong women because of the influence of his mother. However, the women that he will be romantically involved with long-term are not likely to be positive characters.

The other women in his life are likely to be also firm characters who are focused on work.


Johnny Depp feels the best when he’s productive and does well at work. If he doesn’t perform well at work, his mood will go down, and he may even get sick. So for him to feel happy and be healthy, he must be engaged in productive work.

Though work brings happiness to him and material benefits, it can also lead to his undoing, because of Algol’s influence. So he must be careful about any involvement with women and also about how he earns and spends money, especially when this is connected to his work and being in the public eye.