I’ve studied so hard over the last two months, that yesterday, when I woke up, every cell of my being felt tired and refused to work.

So yesterday, I treated myself: I went to a beauty salon for some spa treatments, got an Ayurvedic hot oil massage, and had a luxury dining experience.

My body is refreshed today, ready to do the work. Thus, I’ll write this article, listing all that happened to me, and why so many changes took place about my activity online.

What started it all was the energy shift. I’m always attuned to the energy in and around me, and take action accordingly. This was a distinctive energy shift, notifying me to prepare for the next level.

At first, I didn’t understand what that meant. But with days, I started getting desires to achieve more in my spirituality and in business. I knew it was time to invest in myself in a big way.

After all, we buy cars, houses and iPhones, but what about investing in our self growth in the same way?

I was guided to a particular membership to develop psychic senses, and the next program I joined was business coaching, for which I had to pay what was way out of my comfort zone.

But I knew I had to commit and do it. I knew I’ve outgrown the days of small self-improvement as a result of small investment. I knew that if I took this leap of faith, I would be rewarded.

The day I made the payment for the coaching, it was so out of my comfort zone that I shifted between panic and absolute excitement. Absolute excitement won, and I plunged into the program, getting all that I could from it.

The result was growth so fast that it surprised my fellow coaching members (we can all interact with each other) and pleased the coach. I felt and feel I’m on the next level, and it’s exhilarating. Now I’m getting solidified into that new state.

Of course, since I shifted the levels, my business shifted too. I couldn’t even recognize some aspects of the old me. Now I see how I caused my situation of being overbooked and overworked doing life assessments.

My coach also made me realize I charged far too little for what I gave, and that this prevented me from reaching a new level. When I thought about my situation in private, I realized that because I charged too little for my astrological readings, and received a lot of work as a result, I started seeing astrology as a hard work rather than enjoyment.

I was also told that the reason I was good at astrology was because this was a continuation of my past life work. That’s the reason I got all those clients coming to me seemingly out of nowhere. But astrology is only one of the tools that I want to use, and not the whole thing.

Offering life assessments put me into a small box labelled “an astrologer”, and I was never comfortable being labelled so narrowly. I’m so much more than that.

Therefore, I discontinued astrological assessments (though I’ll use astrology in my services when needed), and introduced coaching and webinars instead (I’m planning to do some free ones as well, and maybe very soon).

Those who were meant to become my students did (two of them), and I have one more place left available for the three months of coaching. I’m not advertising it, because the one who feels it’s for him or her will get in touch. I’m only looking to coach those who are my energetic matches – who feel called for this.

Despite of the advice of my coach, I’ve decided for now to keep my one-off consultations still available, so that my readers and clients wouldn’t feel like it’s too much of a change. Though one-off consultations sometimes attract the sort of people who think that in one consultation I will solve all their life’s problems.

Coaching clients understand that it’s a process, and that they’re better off having someone who achieved what they want always by their side, being in their energy field, and having their advice when they need it.

That’s what I understood about coaching. When you exchange your money in order to get the coaching, you get into the energy field of your coach. And this in itself starts uplifting you, even with no work done. That’s the reason there’s a saying in India that you need a guru to be enlightened, though I resisted this saying for so long.

Now I understand it. Why on earth did I wait for so long to seriously invest in myself! In only one month, I made more progress than in the last few years.

A belief that I can figure everything out by myself made me wait for so long. Yet in a day, a coach was able to pinpoint why I’m not progressing as fast as I wanted. It’s so easy for a person higher up in evolution to see the mistakes of those still reaching their level. My business coach is a millionaire and super psychic – I’ll talk about her when the time is right.

So the reason for so much change in my character and online presence is because of the tremendous growth I’ve experienced.

I’m ready to make serious progress – I’m not satisfied with baby steps anymore. And I’m so happy to see huge results already.

Of course, not everyone took the changes positively. I even got an ultimatum from one of my Facebook followers, that unless I stop this change, she’s going to unsubscribe:) She told I’m becoming like one of the fake gurus, simply because I’m becoming more abundant. (Some belief work needs to be done there.)

I understand not everyone is going to come on this journey with me. And that’s okay. But I’d like to attract people who are also ready to invest in themselves – who are no longer satisfied with minor improvements .

There must be a point reached to come to this readiness – a point where you are done with small changes, and you know you are ready for the next level.

When you invest more money in your self growth, you get much more self-growth than if you were to invest very little. That’s because the money that you have is your energy, so you are giving it up to receive another kind of energy. A cup that’s full cannot receive new content.

The psychic membership also produced abundant fruit.

My spiritual perception is through the roof. I’m reading the energy fields of my clients, and get messages for them which are exactly what they need to hear. When I sleep, I see myself levitating above the clouds, and I learnt to go up the levels of vibration just with my intention.

I learnt to protect my energy field against any sort of attack, so even upsetting situations do not disturb my balance. All the oracle cards I pull for my clients and readers turn out to be just the right messages they need to hear.

I’m also learning two energy healing modalities, one of which is Theta healing. I already do healing work, so that I gain experience. I did a healing for a client and we both felt like in an energetic bath; I healed my own body from kidney and wrist pain; yesterday, I did a healing for my mom’s hip and she felt intense heat in that area (we are yet to see if the pain returns or not).

Update: I just saw my mom’s message:

She said:

“Thank you very much for your help, I feel much better today.”

And then she said, “Look at my strawberries:)”

One of the high-level members of my psychic group confirmed that I’m going through a huge change towards more growth and abundance, and that my whole team of guides are working to make this happen.

I can literally feel myself guided what to say during the client interactions, and even if I sometimes disagree, I say it anyway, and it turns out just what they needed to hear.

There are so many positive changes taking place at this time that sometimes it feels too much for the body to take. But now I know what to do about it – go for some beauty spa treatment, have a hot oil Ayurvedic massage, and end the day with a luxury dining experience:)