As I said in the Saturn rule in Lithuania post, the Lithuanian people are an unhappy lot. People say that the British are depressed. Come to Lithuania to see real depression.

Recently I talked to my cousin about this. I expressed my amazement how negative Lithuanian people are. She told that of course they are negative, because life is hard.

I told her that despite of how many difficulties you experience, you can still remain polite and happy. She had to take some time to process this, because it was the first time she heard something like this. She could not even respond to the remark.

This is the level of unawareness in my home country. People actually believe that if circumstances are harsh, you must become harsh as well. If circumstances are cruel, you also must become cruel.

But there doesn’t have to be a connection between the difficulty of your situation and who you are as a person. You can choose to remain positive and polite despite of how great difficulties you experience. Those difficulties don’t have to direct who you are as a person.

If you live surrounded by rude people, you don’t have to become like that. If you have money problems, this doesn’t have to make you into a cruel person. You can be good no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

The lotus flower is the symbol of Buddha. This flower remains pure despite of the fact that it grew out of mud. It raised its head above the mud and is a delight to the eyes. We can be the same.

These two things – the circumstances you find yourself in and the way that you are – don’t have to be related. If they are related, you are in big trouble, because there’s nothing that then will be able to take you out of your unpleasant circumstances.

If you lower your vibration to that of the people around you or your circumstances, then nothing remains to drive you forward and upward. But if you continue to be your polite, positive and compassionate self despite of the cruelty of people and the difficulty of your situation, this is what’s going to take you out of those unpleasant circumstances.

Your personal energy quality is the only thing that can change your life for the better. Do not allow yourself to be affected by that which is negative. Keep being good and positive despite of what you experience.

If you strive to purify yourself for spiritual progress, you will have to process much more karma in this lifetime than an average human being. This means that you might have to face tremendous difficulties. And it is only your good and compassionate self that can take you out of those difficult circumstances. If you lose this personal light, there will be nothing that will show you a way out.

So keep being your good and compassionate self no matter what you experience. This will not only give you a peace of mind and keep you happy, but it will also serve as a guide out of those unhappy circumstances.