It’s easy now to get into the low vibration because the masses are vibrating the energy of fear. But it’s important to be a responsible citizen and be the light to those who are experiencing darkness.

You are definitely not experiencing the worst of it. Some people now are suffering much more. I’m also in the situation that’s probably much worse than yours. I’m stranded in a country with no good medical facilities, so should the virus outbreak happen here, the situation here will be very bad.

In India people are in a real difficulty too. The poor ones are gathered by the government into slums with no food supply. Maybe now the government is doing something about it because people complain, but for a few days the poorest workers of Delhi received no food or money.

Those are the people who only work in Delhi – their families stay in villages, sometimes several hundred kilometers away.

One worker, knowing that he won’t get any more wages because of the lockdown, made his way home. He started a long 200 kilometers journey on foot as there was no transport because of the lockdown. He died of the heart attack, leaving three poor children whose future is now uncertain.

So some people have it much worse than you. Even here in this guesthouse there is a guy who went through hell to just get here. He was trekking in the mountains when the lockdown happened.

It was getting late, so he thought he would descend into the nearest village to get accommodation. He was refused, due to the fear that he had virus.

It was getting dark. Rain and thunder started. Having no other choice, he started walking to this tourist place, six hours away. So he walked for several hours through the forests in darkness, alone, and it was the first time he visited this country.

Again, it’s important to keep in mind that some people have it much worse than you. Even now some tourists are stuck in mountains here in Nepal, with hotels refusing to take them because the owners are afraid that they have coronavirus. The fear is spreading here, though in this particular tourist place people are calm so far.

It’s easy for the mind to talk you into fearing. That’s why it’s essential at this time not to allow negative thoughts to get hold of you. Don’t let them in.

Now it’s a perfect time to master your mind through meditation. You probably have plenty of time, so why not to learn this amazing mindfulness practice. It’s essential at this time to keep calm so that no dis-ease takes hold of you; and meditation is a perfect tool for that as it relaxes and harmonizes the body and mind.

Also, if your mind and body are in disharmony, you will not be able to access universal guidance which is crucial at this time. Keeping calm, dwelling on things you are grateful for, having someone to love and care for will keep you in a harmonious condition and you will receive guidance if it’s needed.

If you keep yourself calm and you aren’t afraid, you will receive guidance when it’s required. From my experience, the Universe doesn’t bother you when all is fine. It only warns you when It knows that you’re headed away from your life’s purpose.

From my experience I can tell that I just always feel this peace within (I accessed it through meditation and it never left) and it assures me that all will be fine. When I trust this feeling, I remain open to the support of the Universe.

You have the responsibility to keep yourself calm so that the Universe can use you if the situation becomes really bad. If things turn for the worse, some people will totally panic, hoarding all the supplies and so forth. Others will follow, not being able to resist this powerful vibration (powerful because many people will be vibrating it).

The way to keep ourselves calm is through meditation and not allowing negative thoughts to get hold of us.

In order not to think destructive thoughts, we must remove bad influences from our lives, especially the media. Yes, you can read news headlines if you can handle that, but if you react negatively even to that, then it’s better to isolate yourself from such an influence too.

Trust that no dis-ease can get hold of you if you keep yourself at ease. If you keep your body and mind in harmony, anything that’s disharmonious (any sort of virus or disease) will not be able to do any damage to you. You don’t vibrate in the same way – there’s nothing in common between you so the illness will not take hold.

It’s time to find and eliminate all the negative habits, any “holes” through which infirmities can take hold. This also applies to mental patterns and not only to what you do.

Even this morning I saw a couple of tourists who’re stuck in this guest house, totally panicking. From the morning they vibrate the energy of fear. They are hypnotized by their minds – though nothing is happening to them yet, they already live in a hypothetical future, being stuck and without money in Nepal.

Nothing negative is happening to them now. They are clothed, fed, and they have a roof over their heads. Yet they’re panicking. When people panic, they make wrong choices because they base their actions on the fear-based assumption rather than reality.

So let’s not make this mistake. Let’s keep our minds calm through meditation and let’s not allow negative thoughts to get hold of us. We are fine now, and that’s what we should be focusing on.

We need to keep the vibration high so that there’s hope for others to get into it. Now too many people vibrate the energy of terror. We need to be the lights of the world so that the Universe can start changing things for the better through us.

P. S. I’m giving more spiritual advice, from around eight minutes, in the video above. However, I’m running out of time to do the life assessment for my client, so I’m unable to write further advice here. Please do watch the video for more inspiration.