This happened just today.

In the morning, I was walking home from having a fruit salad breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

A piece of paper caught my attention.

In large red letters, it had only one word:


I thought little of it, though I did consider that it may be a message for me.

From yesterday, I felt uneasiness and some discouragement. I was starting to doubt where this fast progress was taking me. I changed my business – I shifted from astrology to energy healing and coaching, and now I have all these clients.

It’s not that I was not confident in helping them. I always feel God is working through me, and I don’t need to do anything but just be guided. But the organization part is difficult.

Now I have to keep up with all the appointments. I was looking for a virtual assistant, but I’ve received no good match. I was fighting with the sense of overwhelm, which haunted me the next morning, too.

And then, the paper with the Courage note got my attention. I walked past it, and forgot about it a few minutes later.

Then, as I was preparing for my sunset walk, I selected a clearing meditation by my coach to listen to on my phone whilst outside.

As I was walking down the same path, the coach emphasized the word “courage”. I involuntarily looked to my left, and guess what I saw. Yes, the very same paper with the red letters of “Courage”.

Wow. The guidance is so strong.

I’ve been guided this way throughout this whole transition. The member of a psychic group I’m part of told me that the whole team of my guides and angels are helping me with the transition. She told quite a lot – even about a woman who would help in the transition (who came in the form of my business coach).

I’m so grateful for such strong guidance. It inspires me to continue moving fast. My coach says all of us are sports cars that can go super fast, but most people never access their true capabilities.

So how to get this strong guidance when you are being shown whether you are taking the right or wrong road?

It’s about making decisions from your heart and not the mind. And the heart (like one of my coaching clients assumed) is not about emotions. In fact, emotions come from your mind because of thoughts.

The heart is the center of our being in this world. It connects us to God, and it also keeps us grounded. It’s from there that you must make decisions.

It means you always need to check how it feels like before deciding on anything. Again, it’s not about emotions that are in the head area. The feeling is energetic. Are you tense, or are you expansive, when you’re thinking of taking some action? This is what I mean by “feelings”.

Leave the mind alone. It should only be employed to work out the details, such as calculations, or the details of the plan which your heart led you to. It really needs to be used quite little, unless you are in some occupation requiring counting, organization, admin work, etc.

Focus on the heart instead. See how you feel when you focus there. Most people feel uneasy when they start truly focusing on this part of their bodies. It means some layers need to be removed through healing and belief work.

The most important thing, though, it to have trust that you can be guided by your heart.

And then it starts. You begin feeling energy shifts. You become like a bird who feels when the cold weather is coming, and, therefore, heads south. You don’t question it – you just follow the energy, whatever it tells you to do. And good things start happening: your life becomes an ever-changing adventure, you grow by leaps and bounds, and you are guided always.

So that’s the task for you, if you’re still a very mental person. Tune into the feelings of your heart – to the energetic sensations. Question what they mean, and then stay silent.

Ask to be guided.

Soon, you’ll receive your first signs of guidance. Be led by them, and see your life transform.

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