Some people were wondering how come I was able to learn astrology so fast. Firstly, I should say that astrology is a subject that you cannot complete studying in one lifetime; but, of course, there comes a stage where you can say that you know a great deal about it.

So in this article I will share with you my own technique of learning complicated subjects. 

The first important thing to keep in mind is that you must have faith that you can learn it. If you don’t believe that you can learn it, you won’t have any inspiration or motivation to keep you going. The energy of inspiration and motivation, of course, is most important for learning any new subject.

Another important thing is not to get discouraged by the vast amount of information that you will need to learn. To help with that, just tell to yourself that if even one person was able to master that subject, so can you.

Yet another thing that will help you not to get discouraged is knowing that you can approach the learning of this subject in any way that you like, but you should keep in mind that you should learn a little aspect of it every day, rather than seeing it as this huge subject almost impossible to learn.

In other words, don’t look at it as a whole as you might get discouraged by the amount of information that you need to master. Instead, start from one aspect, one detail, of it, and work your way through the subject this way.

And when you do this, make sure you stay consistent. Learn a little about it every day. If you do this, your confidence in learning this complicated or vast subject will keep increasing, because little by little you will start understanding what it’s all about.

For example, there are certain subjects that have a technical language which seems almost unapproachable. Astrology is a good example of this, as it has a language of its own and many get discouraged when they try to read advanced astrology books as they understand almost nothing, though it’s written in English.

So if you study some aspect of your subject regularly, just learning a few meanings of the technical language each day, gradually your knowledge will build on itself, until one day you won’t find reading advanced literature on your subject at all puzzling.

Also, it’s a mistake to learn vast amounts of information each day, because then you don’t leave the mind an opportunity to process the information. Many people read multiple books in a week but their lives don’t change; it’s because they consume the information without giving the mind the time to assimilate and process it.

Learning can be compared with digestion. You don’t eat all the time; you eat and then give it the time required for the body to digest food and to assimilate it so that it provides you with energy in return. If you would eat without any break you would get sick and die.

So the same applies to the intake of information. If the subject is complicated, I advice to learn a little bit of it each morning, for example, and then get disconnected from that subject by doing something completely unrelated. This allows the subject to sink into your subconscious, to get processed and become a part of you. This is what allows you to be able to put that information into practical use.

Another way is to study the subject day in and out intensely, and then to take a break so that the information is assimilated. But there is a risk with learning a complicated subject that consuming large amounts of unknown information might discourage you. So I find that the best approach in consuming information about an unknown complicated topic is to learn a little bit about it each day.

And that’s yet another related piece of advice that’s important to apply, which is jumping into your subject right in; read the stuff you don’t yet understand. Get into the habit or reading that unknown technical language and don’t worry if you have no idea what  you’re reading; because when you study the subject each day, with finding out the meanings of those few technical words each day, there will finally come a day where you will find yourself fully understanding the technical language that you’re reading.

It’s like when you move to live in a foreign town. Firstly you know nothing about where you find yourself; but then every time you go out you find out who one neighbor of yours is, what one shop sells, where a cinema is located; and every day you go out and find out more about the town, until it’s completely familiar to you.

So that’s all the advice I have for you about mastering any complicated subject. Have faith that you can learn it, start learning from trying to understand an aspect of it rather than looking at the subject in its totality and getting discouraged by its vastness and a complicated nature;

Jump into advanced topics though you have no idea what they are, because by finding out each day about a different aspect of the subject you will one day find yourself fully understanding the advanced literature that you’re reading. This is by far the fastest way to learn a complicated subject.

Lastly, learn a little bit about your subject every single day. You don’t need to consume vast amounts of information each day but only a little; because you are more likely to remember and apply a smaller piece of knowledge that the mind has assimilated and processed rather than learning a great deal which leaves the mind confused, and you – unable to apply the knowledge learnt.

So the next time you attempt to learn a difficult subject, try to apply these tips and notice how much easier it will be to master it.

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