There are many ways to lucid dream. A common conscious dreaming technique is to continue asking yourself whether you are awake, in the hope that in the future you will ask yourself the same question whilst you’re asleep.

I’ve discovered a technique that requires no such repetition.

All one needs to do is to stay mindful in the waking hours, and this with time will carry over into your dream life.

This technique, unlike other lucid dreaming methods, benefits you in more ways than one. That’s because being mindful helps you to spiritually progress as well, but about that a little later.

This is the most natural lucid dreaming technique. If you try to stay mindful every day, conscious dreaming will happen very gradually, but happen it will! It will feel natural to find yourself conscious during your dreaming time, when you get into the habit of remaining conscious of yourself during waking hours.

Being mindful is, of course, meditation in itself. Staying aware of yourself whilst engaged in some sort of activity is called active meditation, whilst staying mindful when sitting is passive meditation. Both types were recommended by the enlightened being Buddha.

So, conscious dreaming is a by-product of mindfulness. The most recent lucid dream that I’ve had as a result of always striving to remain self-aware was about animals. That particular day I successfully stayed self-aware for long periods of time. Naturally, this self-awareness carried over into the dream time.

I’ve found myself in a company of sweet animals. Animals often represent spirits. If they are nice animals, it means nice spirits try to get in contact with you; if animals are aggressive or even try to bite you, well… you should be able to figure out what that means!

So when I found myself in this pleasant company, the fact that I knew that I was dreaming filled me with much joy. I knew that I could influence the contents of the dream, like a true creator. I ended up cuddling those sweet creatures and we exchanged so much love between each other that I woke up feeling elated and full of energy.

Thus, in short, the most natural lucid dreaming technique that I’ve never heard discussed is striving to remain mindful during the day, every day. When the habit of self-awareness is formed, it naturally carries over into your dream life too.

When you find yourself conscious of the fact that you’re dreaming, this will definitely add a new dimension to your existence. You’re life will be interesting not only during the day (if it is interesting, that is!), but during the night as well.

When you remain conscious whilst dreaming, you will be able to explore your creative abilities in a totally different (unlimited) way, and you will have the ability to communicate with other beings consciously rather than them having to deal with a half-conscious astral as it’s usually the case with dreaming humans.

You will also be able to change subjective dream characters according to your preferences.

All in all, conscious dreaming will surely result in a more fulfilling existence, and this new dimension of control over your life will definitely feel empowering. The best part of this is that no specific lucid dreaming technique is required for you to find yourself conscious in a dream; all you need to do is strive to stay mindful during waking hours.