When you are in the moment, when you do what you really enjoy, you don’t even realise hours flying by. That’s because by doing what you love, you’re collapsing time.

By collapsing time, you live in the now. By collapsing time, you can fit into your life many more events and experiences than an average human being.

Like the wheel which turns so fast that it starts looking like it’s stationary, and then it looks like it’s spinning the opposite way, so it is with time. 

When you love what you do, when you stay in the moment on a daily basis, you can fit the experiences of a week into a few days. So you end up living as though many more years than an average human being, but you don’t feel the time drag in any way.

So you think that a month has passed since some particular event (because so much has happened), yet your calendar says it’s been only two weeks. That’s the power of collapsing time.

We can collapse time because we create it, as we are the authors of our existence. We are timeless beings creating time to experience ourselves in a different way.

Some believe that by collapsing time, we stay much younger than others, because by collapsing time we live out of time, thus aging doesn’t affect us in the same way.

You can clearly see that Eckhart Tolle ages much slower than the average. He lives in the now, as he teaches.

Some people say this about myself, as well. I attribute it to living out of time too, and it’s only possible to live out of time when you follow your joy.

That doesn’t mean I do nothing to take care of my appearance, I do, and enjoy this kind of care very much. But then you see people doing everything possible to stop the clock of aging, and nothing happens, or they don’t have the means. It’s a manifestation of them losing time.

So to live out of time, you must always follow your joy. Following your joy has the vibration of the Spirit part of you that’s out of this world. Therefore by being vibrationally aligned, you stay out of time.

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