In the Bible, we read that only those who believe in Christ will be saved.

The good news is, Christ is in every single one of us. It’s our True Self, our only Savior.

This Self is difficult to access for most. That’s because we aren’t taught how to.

Most people listen to their minds instead, which is the seat of the ego. They have no idea that a much more powerful guidance is within them.

One of the symbols for Christ is the heart, and it’s the right symbol. It’s in the heart where that guidance lies.

In order to make the right decision, you need to detach from the fear-and-pleasure-driven mind. You need to listen to the stillness in the heart. It will always show you what to do.

How can you learn to listen to that stillness? You can do this by learning to be still.

This is the easiest to do when you are on your own. Most spiritual practices will help you with this: prayer, meditation, any form of mindfulness.

At first, you will actively practice those, and later that stillness will never leave you. Those practices are the food for your True Self. It gets stronger the more still and aware you are.

The more you listen to it, the less your mind will seduce you to act according to its wishes. The more you listen to this inner guidance, the more it will manage your life.

Eventually, you learn to listen to that stillness instead of your mind. This happens because every time you choose it over the mind, it turns out that the choice was right. So this itself makes you choose it over the mind, though the mental pull will remain strong.

For example, sometimes I make choices that go against logic, or which seem risky to the mind. But they turn out to be right.

That’s because the Self is unlimited, whilst the mind is limited. To the limited mind, a certain action seems to be the best. But to the limitless Self, which sees the future and whose knowledge is boundless, that action could be a poor choice.

How to access inner guidance

To access inner guidance, you need to completely relax into the stillness within. This can be achieved in many ways: mindful walking, quiet sitting, observing but not attaching to your thoughts.

This reminds me of the precious days spent in a Thai monastery.

I remember how, one day, we were following, in a line, a group of monks.

We were mindfully walking in a monastery garden. I was fully aware at that time, and because of this, I straight away noticed some movement in the grass.

It was a snake.

I showed it to my fellow meditators, and they didn’t see it. Then they noticed it and freaked out. So mindfulness can literally save your life.

All things that are worthy require investment to get or to learn. The same applies to mindfulness. You won’t become instantly aware, but when you do, that inner stillness will never leave you.

The truth is, it was always in you, you were just not paying attention. But indeed it grows and gets stronger the more you focus on it.

And that is the greatest tool you have to deal with these times. It will help you to stay calm, and it will make you take the right choice when the mass consciousness sweeps over the crowds. It will help you to say no to things that seem good, but which would eventually harm you.

Christ in you knows the future as it is timeless. The mind is perishable and doesn’t have access to all knowledge. Select the right guide for your life and you will have peace and assurance that all will be well.

The mind, in truth, is the opposite of smart. All intelligence lies in your Self.

Give it a chance to prove this. Next time, instead of making a mental choice, tune into what you feel in your heart. And see what that choice brings.