Watch me answering the common readers’ question in a video.

Many people asked me throughout the years how I am able to always travel.

I’ve been traveling for over ten years now, and the reason I’m able to afford travel is because of my internet work.

I’ve been self-employed for over ten years. I earn my income from this blog as well as through the YouTube Partner program. I used to earn much more when I was a new-age teacher, and therefore I understand why so many people strive to become such teachers – it’s very profitable.

However, when I understood new-age deception, I destroyed all the material produced connected with this false doctrine.

When I became a Christian, my income reduced a bit, but not much. With time, people started donating increasingly more as a result of my teachings. I no longer had products to sell (with the exception of a few donation-based ebooks), but due to the donations my income was good.

When I deconverted from Christianity due to the deep daily research into it and uncovering its lies as a result, my income again reduced. However, some people still continue donating, for which I am very grateful.

Since I have a very few needs, I really don’t need much to survive. And since I’m traveling in Asian countries, it’s cheap here anyway. I’m not staying in luxury hotels but in simple places, and due to my knowledge of Asia, I usually get a much better deal for almost anything than a fresh traveler would.

Thus, it takes very little money for me to be able to sustain my lifestyle.

Here is some advice for those who want to work for themselves. In order to establish yourself in any business, you need to be very persistent and regular. It might take a year or two of continuous efforts for you to be able to generate enough income to sustain yourself. You would probably need to work on your business every day for a year or two in order to make it take off.

Business is like a child – first it requires all your attention to be able to survive. And later, it can even take care of you without your involvement at all (or with minimum involvement).

If your business, after a few months, starts generating at least very little income (if you monetize it), it means that after a few years it can generate much more, so you should continue doing what you’re doing. However, if, after a few months, you see no income or a really tiny amount (we are talking about cents, and here I mean internet business – matters would be different with, let’s say, furniture business!), it means that your business plan isn’t viable and probably it’s best to think of another way to make money.

You should also think whether you want to create your business around some subject or your personality. If you’ve been interested in some subject all your life, it makes sense to create a business about that. But if you don’t have such a long-term interest, it’s safer to create a business around your personality, especially if you’re not looking to pass your business to your children but you’re okay if it dies when you do.

Also, in order to create your business around your personality you should be a charismatic individual who already attracts attention. If people listen to you and compliment you on your knowledge and insight, it means that you’ll have a similar influence just on a wider scale when you become a public personality. However, if you have no such influence, it’s safer to create a business centered on some subject.

Also, if you create a business centered on some small niche, it will take less time to start making income, but the income will have a limit. However, if you choose a much more competitive subject, it will take a longer time to succeed, but the income will keep getting larger and larger.

Another important thing to keep in mind is charging less for the value that you give. For example, if you give up free valuable information or other things, you will attract attention. And if you charge less for the value that you give, you will gain loyal satisfied customers.

You should listen to customer feedback, if it’s reasonable. There will always be critics who will disagree with everything that you do; ignore those unhappy souls who lash out at others because their own lives are a mess. But there will also be customers who invest in your business through purchases; and if they have some reasonable advice to give, listen to them and apply it.

What’s more, your business should be unique, so you should approach it in a personal way so that it has your stamp on it. For example, many readers like my style of writing, and they feel it to be unique. This is what attracts them to read my articles. Therefore, not only creating value is important, but the unique way that you present it – so that you stand out from the crowd.

I listed here some of the most important ingredients in having your own successful business. I am blessed to be self-sufficient and I wish you to become self-sufficient as well. I would also like to recommend three great books to read to shift your mindset so that it’s in harmony with having your own business. Those three books are:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

All these books greatly helped to change my default scarcity mindset into an abundance mindset. May these books help you in the same way as well.

Working for yourself is the best investment you can make for your future. Yes, it will take a few years to establish yourself, but after that the business will feed you and clothe you, and you will be your own master; you will decide when you want to work and when to take a break. Furthermore, if the business is online, you won’t even be limited by location.

Thus, I consider this investment to be one of the wisest investments you can make for your freedom.

I hope this answered the common question that I’ve been asked throughout years of my blogging and video-making.