The vast majority of people naturally accept being under the control of the government. They want to be ruled over as they show it with their actions – they vote.

Almost no one questions whether such governance is worth their hard-earned money. People always complain about poor police performance and poor healthcare, they breathe polluted city air and eat pesticide-laden supermarket food, but they are happily allowing the cause of such results to continue.

In the past, blood and power-thirsty barbarians took different habitations by force to rule over. Later these barbarians got the title of kings and queens, and some passed their power to the succedent generations. Now people associate the words “King” and “Queen” with luxury and good things, and only a rare one or two ponder about how these rulers got to be in power.

The strangest thing to see is people actually cheering for the kings and queens. These families feed off the taxes of hard-working individuals who would be imprisoned if they would refuse to pay. So they keep humans as slaves, and some of these slaves actually wish for these parasites sucking their life force a long and prosperous life!

Most kings and queens are now replaced by governments. The rulership got sophisticated where most people can’t even understand that they are enslaved. Yet the very same breed of parasites still rule over humanity, and this will continue until people stop participating in their schemes.

We don’t need anyone to rule over us. We can be fine by ourselves. We are not children to be told what to do and what not to do. Some countries have so many rules that lives become monotonous and pointless. If people keep voting and supporting governments, soon no freedoms will be left at all.

Some people mistakenly think that only if their liked person comes into power, all will be well. When do they learn that the government itself is the structure that must be removed for people to feel happy and free?

Do you know that it is within your rights to refuse to pay taxes? Taxation is illegal. It’s a theft.

You have the choice to refuse the protection, healthcare, and other benefits that the government offers in exchange for your hard-earned money. But try to refuse it and see what happens. They are likely to go after you though it is your choice to pay for their services or to stop using them.

Here’s what happened to John McAfee, the creator of the McAfee antivirus, after he took a stance against taxation. Firstly, one of his tweets:

A year later he was imprisoned, and this year:

Apparently, most people who go against the government kill themselves.

Governments are not there for your protection and health. They are the most despicable bullies, and if humanity doesn’t see this obvious fact, that’s very sad.

You can’t even opt-out of paying for them. What if I’m not happy with the services that I get for my hard-earned money, and want to choose my own ways to be protected, healthwise looked after, and so forth? Unfortunately, because of human docility, governments became so big and powerful that it would be tough for anyone to opt out.

Humanity is getting an extremely bad deal for the money that goes to the government. In addition to what I just mentioned, governments also fund wars with your money, therefore making you an indirect investor in murder, and they also give your hard-earned money to those who do not want to work.

So the government keeps people sick with useless healthcare, keeps people unsafe with lazy police, makes people indirectly participate in murder, keeps a part of the society valueless by paying for them, and so forth. I think that’s a very bad deal for your hard work.

How to get rid of this terrible influence? Mass non-participation is the key. If people would stop wanting to be controlled by these useless pests by refusing to vote, moving away from controlled cities to learn to live independently, things may start changing.

It’s wise to seek to free yourself in all ways possible, and don’t be afraid of the words such as “illegal” and “anarchy”. They have a negative charge to them not because they are bad in themselves, but because the governments created negative associations so that people do not pursue such things further.

This is similar to what they did with the people who do not want to participate in the insanity of an experimental jab – they labeled them “anti-vaxxers”, which is so childish and irresponsible, and creates divisions in an already divided society.

You will see that once you really seek freedom, ways will open for you to get more of it. So when you work with God and not with governments, you will get more and more guidance.

Do not follow the sheepish crowd who are going towards their destruction thinking they are saving themselves. As it is written in the Bible:

Whoever chooses to save his life shall lose it, and whoever will lose his life shall find it.

Luke 17:33

John McAfee may be in a very good place now. Whilst those who think their voluntary slavery will give them happiness in the afterlife may be in for a shock. Earthly life is very short and it’s not worth trading what your soul tells you for the protection and approval of the rulers of this world.

Every action speaks of your beliefs and intentions. People going to vote have the intention to be ruled over. When do people grow up so that they are not children anymore in need of governance? Why not to affirm freedom and maturity with your actions instead?

I know that most people reading this will not understand. I strongly believe that some of us were sent to this earth to wake humans up from this collective nightmare. I don’t see a bright future for humanity unless they become free-thinking individuals.

Maybe the Bible told the truth – maybe only very few are from God whilst the rest can only hear the rulers of this perishable world. Well, be it then. Sometimes it seems that I’m talking with a wall when I’m interacting with some individuals. They seem empty.

Talking about the Bible (though I’m not Christian), another verse kept entering my mind these few weeks. It’s about the Antichrist knowing that he has but a short time, and that’s why his wrath is great (Revelation 12:12).

This is what I see happening now – people are forced to get the shot with the help of many restrictions. It’s like the evil ones have to get everyone jabbed by a certain time frame, maybe so that to take them to some kind of alternative reality or afterlife to be the servants.

Who knows why there’s so much rush to get everyone on board, but it can’t be for anything good for sure.