This post is for a specific group of people who know that they are different from other people, and that they don’t belong to this earth, yet they don’t understand their purpose.

If you always questioned what this life is about and you need time away from others to replenish yourself, you are not from this earth. You have a very specific purpose in this life.

Many of us come from different places in this Universe, but when we take up a human form, it is very easy to forget our purpose, as this reality is so dense.

But some things that we go through give away our purpose. So if you know that you are different from others, you don’t understand this world, you question things, and you need time away from the crowd to replenish your energies, you are here for raising the vibration of the planet.

Earth people have a low vibration because they forgot their celestial home. They were on this earth for countless of incarnations, so they have lost the way. The spark is almost gone, and they are totally focused on this physical existence – to eat food, earn money, and enjoy some worldly pleasures.

We are here to remind them of their true nature. Some of us do it by teaching, some – by singing, dancing, and some – by being. So if you don’t know your purpose, it is likely it’s because your purpose is just to be.

This is a very important purpose, because without people like you, this place would be a very dark one. By helping to raise the vibration of humans, you are helping them to remember who they are, so that they can eventually leave this prison planet.

People who are here to raise the vibration of this earth are likely to be put in places among the unconscious people, where they meet no one like themselves. They may also be in a relationship with an earth being so that they understand what humans are about. They are likely to dislike people and they are likely to want to stay on their own.

However, this isolation from others makes them unable to fulfill their purpose, therefore they may feel like something is missing from their lives. It is physically painful to be put among the unconscious ones. But this is the purpose of many light beings on this earth.

So if this is your purpose, trust the Creator fully. Wherever the Universe places you, simply shine your light. Yes, you may need to repeatedly retreat to re-establish deeper connection to God and to raise your vibration, but then again, you will need to go out into the world, and just be with the people of this earth.

It is empowering to know your purpose. And the purpose of just being is so freeing, isn’t it? You simply are what you are. Life becomes an adventure when you allow the Creator to put you into different circumstances to shine your light.

Do you know that people are more likely to change through being in close proximity with someone of a high vibration than by simply hearing how to raise their own vibration? So your purpose is important. It’s a brilliant, simple, and highly effective purpose.

You already have a vibration that is higher than that of humans without even working on yourself – because you have much fewer earth incarnations than the beings that got stuck here since the beginning of the creation of humans. The default vibration, therefore, is already high, but staying with humans for too long depletes light beings, and they need to retreat to recover their losses.

But once they are vibrationally okay, they again need to go into the midst of action to shine their light. And many of them do this without even knowing their purpose, because if they stay away from humans for too long, they start feeling a sense of emptiness, showing they are off their path.

So shine your light by simply being, and retreat when you feel you are being depleted. And then come back again to fulfill your purpose on this earth. Once you understand that you are really here just to be, much weight and uncertainty is removed from your mind, freeing up this energy so that it’s transformed into an even higher vibration.

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