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Guidance is always necessary so that to take the right path in life, but now – more than ever. Most people, even those professing to be yogis, are rushing to get a shot because of fear. This means they are not real yogis, because yoga means the union with God.

Either you trust the man and the world, or God. If you trust God, you would not be afraid of this supposedly deadly virus. You will know that you will be used by God as long as it’s necessary, that you cannot die before your appointed time, and that a job loss will not harm you in any way if you are attuned to divine guidance.

This is true freedom. It’s the freedom from fear.

If you’re still not in touch with the Inner Core to guide you, at least you should not expose yourself to purely negative, fear-based sources such as the news. Also, if you are influenced by the mass trends and slip into the herd mentality, you should stay away from the people who have no conscious connection to God and believe only what the world tells them.

It takes time to get strongly connected to the innermost part of your Self that is changeless. It took me years of meditation, spiritual exploration, and spiritual practices. But now the connection is strong, so I don’t look at the world and base my actions accordingly, but I rest within myself as that’s where guidance springs from.

It’s hell to live in fear and to base your actions only on what you see. It’s absolute freedom when you stay strong within yourself no matter what’s happening in the world. Either your allegiance is to God or to the world, it cannot be partial.

It can be difficult to transcend fear if you still believe in the stories your mind tells you of the inability to survive, job loss or disease. But these are imaginary scenarios of a fear-based mind. You will be preserved for your part to play in this drama of life. You don’t need to worry how this will happen, and whether your sustenance will come from your job or in any other way.

Peace Pilgrim wandered the world for 28 years without a job, without any kind of income, without home – without anything. She was preserved by God till old age. She couldn’t die before her time, and neither can you.

Do not listen to the fearful mind which is of this world and therefore impermanent, blind and limited. Try to get in touch with that which never dies – your Inner Core. This you can do through meditation, applying the teachings of ACIM, listening to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, and being mindful on a daily basis.

These practices are more important than anything else in this world now. Do not allow the world to bully you into taking fear-based actions which you will later regret. Trust that you will be guided no matter how bad the situation, and do not miss that guidance by staying centered.

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