Although your natal chart shows your life’s purpose, there’s another way of finding it out.

This information has come from the wisdom of Eckhart Tolle, the teacher that I used to listen to long time ago, and now I started to listen to again.

He explains that in order to find your life’s purpose, you need to be fully aligned with the present moment.

Even if you’re not happy with your circumstances, it’s important not to resist them, because if you do, you’re making an enemy with Life. If you’re not aligned with Life, It cannot lead you where you’re supposed to go.

So all resistance must be relinquished, and you should say “yes” to what is, even if you don’t like it. It doesn’t mean you should force yourself to enjoy it, but you should definitely stop resisting.

When you get in harmony with what is, Life, which is the Larger You, will have no difficulty in taking you to where you’re supposed to be, and making you do what you’re supposed to do.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the way through which you will find your life’s purpose is going to be pleasant. Sometimes disasters make people understand what’s most important to them. Each person will have to be “nudged” differently for them to get totally aligned with their Greater Selves.

So, a sure way to find your life’s purpose is not to resist what is. Just accept that you are where you are, as only this will allow the inspiration from God to reach you about what to do to get yourself out of an undesirable situation.

Eckhart shared with his audience his habit of quickly readjusting himself to what is, even though the change could be unpleasant. He doesn’t have to like the change, but he unconditionally accepts it, no matter what it is. And this allows him to keep the connection with Life, which continuously guides him where he’s supposed to go.

This is a habit that we should all form. It’s the sanest thing to do, to accept that which is. Fighting some unpleasant change gives more energy to it. Accepting that it exists does not waste any energy, but you simply remain aligned with Life.

This is the way to live tapped into Universal Power; alignment with Life is alignment with God, your Higher Self, the whole Universe. What can be more powerful than that?

Surely, if you’re a part of God, being in agreement with Its current physical manifestation keeps you in connection with It. So you always share the power that It has.

And it’s not only that you share Its power, but you also are able to get Its wisdom, Its guidance and Its love.

Therefore, if you feel like you’re not living your potential, or you have no idea what you’re supposed to do in life, make friends with who you are now and be okay with what you’re doing at the moment.

Don’t resist that which has already manifested in your life. Just accept your circumstances, and this acceptance will keep you open to Life’s inspiration. Stay in this acceptance long enough, and an impulse will surely come about what to do next.

Inspired action after inspired action, soon you will find yourself confidently treading the path in life that you were always supposed to follow.

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