It’s getting cold here now in Vilnius. At the moment it’s only eight degrees Celsius. (46.4 °F). I went out for a walk and had to go back to put another layer of clothing to keep me warm. Then I had a nice long walk, came back, and to my pleasant surprise the radiators were warm (it’s central heating here).

I’m listening to ACIM every day and when I finished baking cookies and my client’s assessment was done, I had the time to reflect on my recently heard teachings about fantasies.

ACIM teaches that fantasies obscure reality. It’s something that we want to make out of dissatisfaction with how things are, but this further makes us distance ourselves from that which is beautiful but hidden.

It’s another layer put on the layer created by the ego, concealing Light and Love.

ACIM teaches only to see things how they are. In fact, it teaches that we see through the ego so we will be deceived by what we see unless we allow the Holy Spirit to interpret what the ego sees. Again, I need to emphasize that these ACIM terms, like the Holy Spirit, are not the same as biblical ones.

The Holy Spirit in ACIM language is the mediator between our created illusory world and the spiritual world and it can never leave us. I’d rather think of some other term for it, I guess that would then carry less charge. So maybe I should call it the Mediator.

So if we allow the Mediator to show reality, it will show how things really are. But even if we don’t engage in fantasies but really want to see, at first the ego will try to frighten us through uneasiness within, all kinds of fears, guilt and darkness. Yet behind that heavy mental content Light and Love reside, so we must never be afraid to look directly into that darkness.

It doesn’t exist, in fact – that’s what this course teaches. The ego also doesn’t exist because it arose out of our own creations from separation, and those separate-from-the-Source creations cannot truly exist. So ACIM asks us to never be afraid to look into darkness, but to look at those dark illusory creations (within as well as without) through the eyes of the Mediator. Just ask for this and it will be done.

If we strive to really see and to never be afraid to look into that which appears dark, eventually we will be able to see that those are only illusions so all our fears will end. And then we will be able to see our true nature, which is absolute Love and Light.