I have absolutely no problems to say that I can be called a conspiracy theorist. I don’t agree with the “theorist” label though, because many conspiracy theories are real — most people just don’t dig deep enough to find this out.

However, I have come across some conspiracy theorists who take it to the next level. They believe in every conspiracy they hear of, and forcefully push their extreme views on everyone else.

These people, like those with extreme left brain development, are imbalanced and need help. Yet, when individuals are on any of the extreme sides, they are not likely to seek help, as the reason they got so far down the rabbit hole in the first place is because of the lack of self-awareness.

Extreme conspiracy theorists are so stuck in their worldview that they are just unable to see where people that are different from them are coming from. And therefore, they experience many unnecessary clashes with the public at large. Instead of blending in and trying to open the eyes of the public through hints or insightful questions, they try to force their extreme theories down the throats of those who never asked them for help or guidance.

I even had one such person pay for my consultation so that they would convert me to their weird views. This person was so desperate for someone to hear their promotional message that they even spent money to be heard.

These people see conspiracies in everything. For example, they see evil numbers everywhere. And if they don’t see that, they add the numbers up to get some unfortunate combination, or they convert words into numbers and highlight those with some negative number result. Of course, if one puts their complete attention on finding something dark, they will do it.

I sometimes get comments from the people who seem to have a messiah complex or something similar. They are absolutely convinced that they are right, and through their ordering of others around, they are thinking they are saving them. Very often, these people are Christians, but not always.

Those Christians who make unasked-for comments about the last days, or warn everyone that the judgment day is coming and spread similar messages, are also in a deep hole they dug for themselves. They simply cannot understand and relate to the rest of the world because they are so deeply stuck in their beliefs. They truly live in another world, and unless something shocking makes them think, most don’t get out of the holes they made for themselves.

Like conspiracy theorists, they see everything in life highly colored by their specific lens. And when it comes to the extreme conspiracy crowd, they may start storing food many years in advance, and their lives become waiting for some horrible catastrophe to happen. Very often, such people distance themselves from the rest of the world so that the stupidity of the sheep doesn’t affect them.

Life no longer becomes something to enjoy, but they always have to be on the defensive. And though the crowd is definitely not intelligent (at least the vast majority of it), we are here for a reason. Those who have more awareness should help them out, and you can’t help them if you suffer from a superiority or messiah complex.

It’s very painful too to see the massess in a condition of deep unawareness. Most are hypnotized, lost in media conditioning. I felt great relief staying away from the crowd by living on my farm, but eventually you come to a point where you understand you should not separate yourself from others. You are part of humanity, and if you have more knowledge, share it.

If you separate yourself completely from others, you degenerate. Yes, there are no challenges if you don’t have to face undeveloped people, but without challenges, you go backwards and not forwards. The time on my own made me understand these truths.

The average consciousness of humanity is really sad to behold, yet there’s no escape from it — we need to do all we can to uplift those we see currently in the mud of conditioning and their own beliefs.

Very often, extreme conspiracy theorists cause their own falls, but blame others for it. I dearly love one lady who is definitely on the extreme side (she used to be a YouTuber) as she really means well, but she cannot realize that she creates her own woes. She was kicked out of major platforms, losing her income sources.

It’s easy to see that she caused this herself — she openly advocated against the very powers whose platforms she used. Obviously, it was just a matter of time when she was removed. Yet she considered this removal as a huge blow.

She also always gets into conflicts with people who wear masks. Yes, it is silly to wear masks as they don’t protect, but it’s important to put yourself into the shoes of those absolutely convinced that the virus is very dangerous. They view those who don’t wear masks as insane. So the most loving thing to do is to play along, and then, when the Universe sends you someone who is ready to hear the message, to gently open their minds.

There are better ways to inform others than to force a message on them. First, it should only be done if someone asks for help or opinion. The vast majority of people are simply not ready to wake up, so waking them up before they are ready is very harmful. It’s like opening the flower bud when it’s not yet formed.

So it’s best to live one’s life without trying to enlighten others until one is asked for it. Yes, it’s good to create videos and articles about one’s knowledge as it’s up to the people to decide whether they want to watch or read such a content. But trying to directly awaken those not ready is not only dangerous, but harmful to their development.

After I purchased the farm, one girl asked me if she could stay with me. She was in distress and contacted me through my expired profile on some work exchange site. I agreed, because it was obvious that the Universe was sending her to me.

I had no intention of “enlightening” her about my views, but when she herself started the conversation about what’s going on in the world, this was an obvious green light for me to share my opinions.

I didn’t try to convert her — I just shared my opinions. She took a long time to think about it, and told that finally she understood this view. I also told what would happen next with the virus situation, which has come true, and so probably this made her change her previous beliefs.

The same happened to a relative of mine — I told about the coming booster shots, and that they would have an expiration date, and that you would lose your privileges if you don’t get new shots. Now it came true, and now she started contacting me again, whilst in the past she thought me a little insane for thinking this.

On my Telegram chat, people have the opportunity to freely express their views without being belittled or criticized; so here we sometimes have very healthy conversations.

So those who are ready to hear what you have to say will be sent to you by the Universe, and they will be the ones starting the conversation about such matters. All you need to do then is to tell what you know about the subject, and answer their questions. If you have the conscious connection to the Universe, you may find that the Universe itself talks through you, and that you, in truth, do nothing.

If nobody is sent to you, you need to examine your views. It’s a sign that you don’t yet have the correct information.

Another thing to think about is shutting yourself out of all the influences of the system. I get criticized by some people for continuing to use YouTube or Facebook — the evil organizations. Yes, I know that, but this entire world is captured by that force. Can you project your body to some other planet to escape it?

This is the reality we live in. We are placed in these muddy waters to shine light. Yes, it sucks sometimes, and I’d rather be in some better place, but this is where I find myself, so I need to do my best here. If you say goodbye to these platforms, where will you reach those who are unaware? They are the main users of them.

You can use anything for your benefit or disadvantage. So use these platforms to your advantage — to inform those who are not yet awake, to make money, to build your business. Of course, it’s wise to have some enterprise of your own which can support you if these organizations change or kick you out. But to shut them out of your life may not be wise — there are many good things you can do with them.

Another problem I see with extreme conspiracy theorists is that they are not cheerful people. They have focused on darkness, and though most of the things they see may be true, is it healthy to focus on that which is evil? By focusing on darkness, you create darkness in your own mind and world.

It’s better to be light, to see light, to shine light. We do not change darkness by fighting against it; we destroy it through being light, and through shining light. If nobody is interested in darkness, it would not be, because it is kept there through our attention to it. The worst thing for any living or non-living being is paying no attention to it at all, as it receives no energy.

Getting negative energy is better than getting no energy at all; and some people and organizations thrive on dark energy, as they lost their ability to absorb God’s energy. That’s why we hear of violence and evil of all sorts through news outlets — the entities that are the sources of those woes absorb the negative emotions people release when hearing or reading such news pieces.

So the best thing for the world is to focus on light, to work on yourself to become the being of light, and to spread it.

In this article, I wanted to address some problems with extreme conspiracy theorists who are definitely not choosing the middle path, but who are trapped in the egoic consciousness, thinking they are doing God’s work. There are many people as such, because of how our world is. The bigger problems the world goes through, the more extreme sides some people will push themselves into.

It’s important to realize that and put yourself back into harmony. Yes, many conspiracy theories are true, but not all, and it’s important to do enough research to understand which one is which, and to act in a way where you gain trust of those who are still asleep. It’s by gently leading others to a greater understanding when they are ready for it where the biggest impact can be made.

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