Since the main search engine (I will try to avoid using any names) is no longer showing accurate search results but prioritizes sites which support the elite agenda, I decided to no longer pay for extra storage of this company.

I got charged automatically so I initiated a refund request – only to get an email that since I’m no longer paying, my email will be suspended as well!

This, of course, made me pay them again. But this also made me realize how deeply the G company is entrenched in our lives and that it’s very difficult to free ourselves from it, especially if you have online business.

I will try, however. I will need to find some email provider that’s not owned by some child-sacrificing billionaire and is not used for tracking purposes. If anyone knows some good independent email provider, please let me know.

This yesterday’s event made me think of the G strategy to make themselves irreplaceable. They offered their services free and their services were so good that most people signed up. Then they slowly started introducing payments for their services (like if you use up their free storage you have to pay for more) in the hope that the payments will continue until the person dies because there’s no way to return to the free option.

They sell our data, they also pay very little for people who make them money, like their bought company Y..T…. Creators of videos make cents compared to how much they make for the company.

So that’s a form of slavery, and I’m against it. Thus, I will try to disentangle myself from this giant. Also, I now started using an alternative search engine with which I’m very happy –

I will also not get too invested in other large sites run by psychopaths or which misuse personal data, like F…B…. This social networking platform sells your data to advertising companies and that’s how they make money from you. All the mentioned platforms are also tracking tools. They know who you are and where you are if you use them.

Such companies slowly insinuated themselves into our lives, but we can start slowly disentangling from them. I also just started using Opera browser instead of G, and I changed the default search engine from G to DuckDuckGo.

I will not buy any new “smartphones” anymore with advanced tracking capabilities. I’m very happy with my old business Lenovo laptop and I refuse to buy anything higher tech. The ever-evolving technology is used for human enslavement more than for any other reason.

I will need to do research on all the other programs that I pay for, like Adobe. Who owns it? I will no longer pay for any program owned by a sick child abuser, even if it means downgrading to a program that’s less quality. I will also try to detach from all monopolies and all programs that misuse personal data.

I’ve noticed that this year I’ve spent more time online than usual. I think it’s to do with the elite’s agenda to fuse humans with artificial intelligence. I also find that meditation is much more difficult after using devices like laptops or smartphones.

It’s difficult for me to plug out of this because I do life assessments and create content online. I also like to watch videos of awakened people. But since I see that the use of this technology is part of the elite’s agenda to enslave mankind, I will do all I can to avoid using technology as much as possible. I will also try to stay in places where electromagnetic radiation is low (like where I’m staying now in Nepal).

I understand that we in a way agree with the elite’s digitization agenda if we use their devices. They made us so dependent on them. However, I also believe that if we use their devices and their internet to wake people up, we will be ruining their plans with their own tools.

I’m spending much more time meditating because the connection with the Higher Self is so important now. They want to replace this connection with the internet, so it’s vitally important to never lose touch with it.

If they introduce mandatory vcc, I may have to walk away from all their legal systems and maybe you will not hear from me unless you tune into the spiritual network through meditation. I’m perfectly fine doing that, and even if they catch me, I will die a free soul, having renounced their control system.

We are born into this system – our parents agreed to have us enslaved, even if they did that ignorantly. Aug Tellez teaches that you can stay in the system and awaken people within it and still get freed, or you can totally renounce it, having nothing to do with it for the same objective. He gave an example of a man living in a forest and subsisting on a road kill. When he dies, he will not be in their trap, according to Aug.

I will accept whatever happens to me. They cannot control me unless I take action out of fear. I take action that is in agreement with my Higher Self, so this makes my soul untouchable by them though the body can still be killed or enslaved. I refuse to submit to these satanic psychopaths.

We must make sure that we don’t replace our natural network with their internet. I know some people are already disconnected but if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re plugged in. This is the connection to the Source and this field allows us to learn from one another even if we are distances apart.

That’s the reason I felt inspired to give an example involving frogs when Qanon wrote about frogs the day after. That’s the reason we all become aware of similar knowledge at around a similar time – I often get emails of people being surprised about me writing about some topic that they recently were thinking of.

We must nourish this connection through meditation as this makes us closer to the Source and each other. And we must, as much as possible, disconnect from virtual reality in which the elite wants to enslave us.

Unfortunately, those who are asleep don’t feel the natural connection anymore. They replaced the spiritual connection with a digital one. I can see these empty souls everywhere, whose goal is to take a good selfie rather than to know anything about this Universe.

We learn so rapidly now, yet they are firmly plugged into the sources of information controlled by the elite, missing out on the collective progress. This makes me think that maybe our timelines have separated, and they are already living in a world very different from our own.

Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of not fearing. Even if you have little money or even no food to eat, please understand that you’re not this body. Your soul can be free now – just refuse to submit to their vibration of fear. Your body can be imprisoned whilst your soul could be untouched.

They also cannot touch you if you refuse to get seduced by the dirt they want you to be interested in (porn, violence, materialism) and lead a moral life. Aug Tellez tells that they cannot touch people living pure lives because they believe that if they do, something terrible will happen to them. So pure life is your protection from these evil ones. Maybe that’s why some truth fighters with large platforms don’t die though they expose those psychopaths.

Stay strong. Stay hopeful. Meditate as much as possible. Know that it’s your choice to submit to them. The other choice may be walking the unknown path, but freedom is more important than comfort.