I’ve managed to upload this video to YouTube! The lesson learned – I cannot use any trigger words whatsoever. In this video, I’m reading out an article about a person who woke up from the illusion to realize that even the good side of this world is controlled by the same corrupt creator – Satan, Yehovah, whatever you want to call him.

Even those channeling and having contact with ascended masters are deceived. I also mention in the article the importance of avoiding the white light after death, as it’s a false reptilian construct designed to suck your soul back into this dimension.

That being said, now I remember having read a book when I was in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand about a monk who got to a stage where during meditations he saw the white light. He through discernment managed to understand that it’s a false construct and that it’s a final obstacle to liberation.

I wasn’t as active as I usually am on social media because I have life assessments to complete. Here in Nepal the lockdown continues being extended but many people walk without masks and in the evenings play ball together, especially young ones.

I’ve also started watching videos of Healing Aug. This person has lots of important information of how to detach from this Maya (Matrix) so that the evil ones controlling this reality have no power over you. I highly recommend watching his videos.