A few days ago I woke up to see a fist-sized ball-shaped black spider coming from the window and then trying to go into the ceiling. It attempted to do so a few times, seemingly disturbed that I can see it, until it disappeared.

I’m not afraid of spiders – I used to be, but since my stay in India I learnt to accept them as they are often found in homes, and some of them are huge. But they are harmless here, and even big ones do nothing to humans unless they have no other choice.

I knew it’s not any earthly spider that I saw as it had a weird shape that earthly spiders don’t have. Also, earthly spiders don’t simply disappear into the ceiling:)

This is the kind of spider that I saw. I used the Paint application so I did the best that I could to illustrate that spider:

I didn’t get any bad vibe from it but I knew it signifies something negative. So when I woke up I googled to see if other people had seen such astral creatures. And yes, they did.

I haven’t come across anyone reporting this kind of ball-shaped black spider, but different people see different kinds of spiders, the most common one being tarantula-shaped.

Some people report seeing metalic spiders, or really tiny ones of different colors. Some see them with purple shine. Some claim they are robotic creatures, as they don’t behave like actual spiders. I also thought that the way that spider behaved was not similar to the normal spider.

People attempt to get rid of them in many ways but they seem not to react to any methods that, for example, work on evil spirits. So it is assumed that they are from some kind of different dimension.

I personally didn’t see that spider after this one time. I prayed for the Universe to protect me and stayed away from what I believed caused this experience, which I’ll explain below.

Why astral spiders visit humans

There are several theories why these spiders visit people, so I will give all the theories that I could find starting from the one which I feel applies to me.

The appearance of such an astral spider may warn that you’ve made a connection with a person who’s not good. This totally resonates with me, because I rarely meet new people, yet the day previous to this experience I made a connection with one person.

I felt something was not right, but I couldn’t get further insight that day. It was a waiter guy who always wanted to talk to me. I like to go to that cafe as that’s the only AC cafe in this area which serves great food and has good ambiance.

I at first went to that cafe with my boyfriend so I thought I have no risk of being hit on by other guys. But this one, after my boyfriend left, kept asking me questions, and that day I answered him about what I do in life, so the connection was made. And the very next morning this crawling creature appeared in my room.

So I am 90% sure it’s a warning that this isn’t a good person and that I should avoid talking to him. I also felt something weird about his energy field but dismissed it that day.

So it could be that he has many crawling creatures in his energy field because of his immoral life, and now since I made a connection, those creatures could come closer to me.

After this warning I no longer went to my beloved cafe here. It’s a shame, it has great food, but being spiritually clean is more important than food.

I also read that spiders can come as a warning that you’re about to commit some immoral act or choose some wrong direction. So those creatures are as though ready to get attached to you, just waiting for you to make that final wrong move.

Then people also report actually being bitten by those spiders or that they suck their energy out. I think this happens if people lead immoral lives so these creatures have access to them.

Another person on one forum complained that those spiders attached to his mind and gave him false memories and negative suggestions. Yet other person claimed that these spiders, when they get attached, can open a person to the influence of even worse astral creatures.

Some people think this is simply a peek into the astral wildlife that has no personal meaning at all.

Finally, another interesting theory that I’ve heard is that these are the weavers of matrix, the fabric of our physical reality, and we are not supposed to see them; so whenever we see them, they try to escape from our sight.

I read in a forum how a guy woke up to find a spider on his sleeping girlfriend, weaving the net over her eyes, maybe so that she wouldn’t remember the astral experiences she had during the night.


I’m very grateful to the Universe for always protecting me. It stays in the background, not interfering, unless I make a wrong connection or take a wrong move. Then I receive Its messages in some form not to take that road or not to continue some connection.

These warnings come as visions or dreams in my case, but other people can receive warnings through some physical means, like a person warning them, or they see some omen, like a dead bird or something like that.

Purity is our spiritual immunity. Spiritually blind and immoral people have no idea how many dark creatures are attached to them. They carry this heavy aura everywhere they go, giving chills to people who are more sensitive, and fright to those who can see those creatures.

I can see when the person no longer has light, but I’m saved from these scary visions unless the Universe wants to warn me in some way. Only then I’m allowed to see something unpleasant.

Those who get spiritual initiations or forcefully open themselves to the spiritual realm will see such creatures whether they are ready or not. But that’s the reason some people lose their minds.

If you lead a moral life and aspire for spiritual development, the Universe will gently open you up to this other dimension without any risks. This is the safest way to spiritually progress.

And if you’re in danger in some way, It will gently warn you by allowing you to see a little bit into the spiritual side of things, so that you don’t take that road or don’t keep some connection.

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