Astral Body Projection Audiobook part one is here.

This is my recording of the second part of the book The Projection Of the Astral Body by Sylvan Muldoon and Hereward Carrington. It’s one of the most detailed books on astral projection that I’ve ever read. It was written in 1929.

This book mainly deals not with the experiences in the astral but how to get out of the physical body with your astral vehicle. It gives many techniques to do it, as well as gives explanations of many dream and unusual waking experiences which take place as a result of the astral vehicle.

The author, an astral projector since he was a boy, claims that the astral plane is very largely influenced by your own mind, so make sure you’re in a good state of mind and do not hold any negative feelings towards anyone if you want to enjoy your time in the astral.

He claims that the experience can indeed be a very dark once out of the body, but only if you entertain thoughts of hate, anger and similar ones, because mental contents manifest instantly on that plane. However, if you believe yourself protected and project when in a good state of mind, the experience will be life-enriching.

In my personal experience the astral realm can be very tricky and it’s almost impossible to get any reliable and objective information from that plane. Thus, plenty of contradictions come from the entities residing on that plane whose teachings some humans channel, as well as the fact that your own mental state and beliefs largely influence your perception of it.

However, experiencing this plane is great for people who simply want to create something beautiful and have unlimited experiences of all sorts, as well as for it to serve as a proof that there’s more to life than the physical plane.

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