My father died a few days ago. I didn’t sense the time of his death, and there was nothing unusual that happened since.

I have no connection to this man as he inflicted much harm to our family, and then left us. This proves to me that you don’t make a connection with a parent just because it’s a biological parent. Any man, unless he’s infertile, can cause women to have children. Yet the spiritual connection is only made through love, support, and care.

He died in a hospital. This made me think about how I would like to die. The hospital would be such a horrible place to end life. I’d rather die in nature, alone. This would be so peaceful.

I don’t want anyone to touch my body until a few days after. The soul stays connected to the body up to a few days. So it’s best to do nothing to the body for some time. It’s sad for me to hear that people are allowed to be cut for organs. I think they feel everything.

I’ve heard that the souls of suicides stay with the bodies until the correct time of death. That would be awful, to stay with the body whilst it’s disintegrating. The soul is likely to quickly disconnect from the body if the death is shocking, such as a car crash. Some people consciously go through disconnection and find themselves outside of their bodies if something extremely painful happens to them.

Once the soul is disconnected from the body, it doesn’t really matter what happens. I would prefer wild animals to take care of me, but we live in different times. Cremation would be much more preferable than my body being buried in a box. My mom also prefers the cremation of her body.

Death doesn’t make me sad. It’s the ego who’s afraid of it, as death is its destruction. To the immortal part of us, this makes no difference.

This reminds me of how much I hated the change of seasons as a teenager. Autumn would depress me the most, when plants were dying. But this was only the ego scared to witness the impermanence of life. Now I love the change of seasons.

The ego wants to preserve the body as long as possible. Yet the body is only a tool to be used for doing the work given by the Universe, and then it should be laid down.

I’m relieved to find that as the years pass, my attachment to the body is lessening. I think this should be normal to everyone, but because our society worships youth, some people get afraid when it starts fading away, and then their focus is directed fully to the maintenance of youth.

How sad it would be to live trying to capture what will pass away. The older you get, the more liberated you can feel as the identification with the aging robe gets weaker and weaker. But unfortunately not so in our society, because of deep mass conditioning.

The fears of the ego not only keep people fixated on stopping the passing youth, but also from living their full life.

Before expanding on this, I need to give a disclaimer that I care for my body and I do what I can to keep it in good shape. But this is not what my day revolves around. Of course I don’t want my old age to be full of pains, so I keep myself healthy, and I like to look good. But to be only concerned about the looks after 30 shows to me an unhealthy fixation.

How many people spend their best years doing meaningless jobs? If they only knew that total trust in the Universe would provide for them and would guarantee a fulfilling, adventure-filled life? But it’s hard to stop identifying with the ego and place total trust in God.

This doesn’t come naturally. In my case, this total trust was gained after regular meditation. Any form of mindfulness practice will get you detached from the body and in touch with the divine part of you.

Here I would also like to mention the lady I wrote about in my last post. Peace Pilgrim left her home as her hair turned grey to wander the world with the message of peace. She wandered without a home for 28 years, and nothing terrible happened to her.

She always felt safe. That’s because she destroyed her ego and fully trusted the Universe. She felt clear guidance, and her health was excellent. She had plenty of energy and told that she was not driven by the energy of youth but by the Divine energy.

She told that excellent health and great energy are given to everyone who stops living for their little selves and starts living only for the good of all.

She walked all this time without any money and without any shelter arranged. People, rich and poor, offered her places to stay and gave her food. She never asked for food. When no accommodation was offered, she would always find a comfortable place to sleep outside. She said sleeping in a cardboard box was so comfortable and warm.

If a retired woman can wander the USA without any money for 28 years and have only lovely memories to share, what holds you back?

A vaccination nightmare can really provide a push to disconnect from the nipple of the evil system and start trusting God, and God alone. This enslaving reality can become your key to freedom if you only let it.

Will you allow your entire life to be controlled by fears and uncertainties? I hope more people will stop listening to the limited and illogical minds, and surrender to the guidance of God. As life from then on will only be upwards.