In this post I would like to share with you a spiritual law that I found a long time ago through the trials of my life.

If you have been my long-time reader, you know that I have gone through some radical changes of outlook which I describe in the about me page. This caused me to lose at one point most of my subscribers, and left me without any sure source of income.

Despite of the huge opposition about my changed outlook and the lack of funds, I stuck to my personal self-improvement journey and refused to bow to the common opinion. The masses are always wrong, and because their growth is almost non-existent, they feel shocked and threatened when someone grows too fast. So their response is attack.

I got most harshly attacked by Christians when I felt their fold. New Age people were much more tolerant when I left theirs.

I was never a person who changes the mind just because there’s an outside pressure. In fact, an outside disapproval will make me stick to my personal truth even more. On a little side note, your natal chart shows whether you are molded by circumstances or whether circumstances mold you.

So although I was threatened with loss of funds and I faced hatred from the public, I did not allow these external things to intimidate me. I stuck to my personal truth, and continued my unique growth.

Personal growth is sometimes very bumpy, and some of its turns will certainly shock the masses. Then the personal reaction will depend on whether the person values his growth more, or the common opinion. The masses are always wrong, and they are ignorant of what real growth is like.

When you are out of some religious belief or structure, and you listen to your heart and develop accordingly, only a few genuine spiritual seekers will understand. The rest will fear your change, or will be offended by your change of outlook, and the usual thing to do is to attack that which is unknown.

If one chooses to bow to the will of the masses, one allows the matter to win over one’s will. That person’s will is weak, and he doesn’t know the power that he holds. He is then considered to have lost.

If one, despite of the circumstances and the hatred of the masses, continues the difficult road of self-development, by sticking to the path assigned for him, he will eventually emerge a winner, and can be considered the master of the world.

That’s because he then acts in a divine way, he is aligned with God, and no circumstances can hinder him permanently – eventually they will crumble.

Our visualization, willpower and faith in ourselves are all divine attributes. When we keep the goal in mind, continue taking action despite of the opposition or the material lack of proof of our success, and do so with faith, we act like God does, and who is more powerful in the world than God.

That’s why eventually our vision, will and faith in ourselves win. These are divine qualities, and the matter cannot resist these for long. It’s by these that the matter was created in the first place, so it’s not wise to allow such creation to rule that which has the power to create and dominate. We should never allow the external to alter our hopes and dreams (as long as those goals and dreams come from our core and therefore are good for us, of course).

We should continue envisioning, willing, acting and believing in ourselves until our goals are achieved. The matter is not our master, we are the masters of it. And the circumstances change as a result of the mind.

When the vision is nourished by will, belief in oneself and action, it gains momentum, becomes powerfully magnetic, and starts attracting the support from the world. This eventually manifests as gaining the support of people, and the materialization of your goals. That’s because matter cannot resist the power of these divine qualities for long.

So if you stick to what you believe in, that vision will become increasingly stronger, eventually gaining gravity of its own and then no material obstacle and no person can stop it.

Refuse to accept the alternatives but always have in mind what you’re aiming for. And when it comes to your personal growth, after some stage you will feel guided about which step to take next, and you will feel confident in your self-improvement journey. You may not know the purpose of why you are exploring one spiritual doctrine or choosing some particular life choice, but you will have peace within and conviction that there’s a reason why you’re making those particular choices, and that in the end all of them will contribute to your perfection.

So whether it comes to your personal growth or setting goals, the same rule applies. Refuse to bend to the will of the masses, or to succumb to current circumstances. What’s important is what’s currently in your mind, and if it’s that which is good, if you believe in yourself and refuse to alter the good vibration of your mind, external circumstances must change eventually to correspond to your mental content.

It’s the thought that controls matter, and not vice versa, so we should never allow external anything to dictate how we behave. If we believe in ourselves and act inspired by the good content of our minds or an internal inspiration, no matter how many people are offended by that and what the current circumstances show, eventually the matter will give in, and it will shape accordingly.

That’s what it means to become the master of this world; for we are not born slaves of this world but we are here to learn spiritual laws and to act in a way that our Creator does.

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