A perfect time to just be

For some reason today I woke up at 5 am. Usually these days I wake up at 10 am.

I slowly prepared for the day, and just as I was ready, I received a call that my parcel is arriving in ten minutes.

When you allow Life itself to manage your life, everything smoothly falls into place. You stop questioning and you fully trust that That which created everything will take care of you.

And you are That. But to really know it it takes daily mindfulness.

I try to be mindful as much as I can. This makes thoughts less powerful to hypnotize me into following them. Thoughts will not immediately lose their power unless you experience some radical liberation such as what Eckhart Tolle experienced.

Now I have a perfect opportunity to practice being aware, and it’s likely that you do too. Since there are fewer distractions due to governmental restrictions, why not use this time for the most important thing in human life – liberation.

That especially applies to those who used to frequently travel. Exploring things outside of you is wonderful, but there are more riches within. The priority should be to first find yourself, and then to see if you need to find anything else.

Life has arranged perfect circumstances for me to practice this. I am in touch with my true essence, but being as That continuously is not the reality yet. Thoughts and conditioning overshadow my essence frequently, so I’m grateful for the provided opportunity to get stabilized in the awareness.

My mind is free from the worries of paying big bills or anything similar. Living in a hut in nature is very cheap. I only need to pay for electricity and a few other fees. I have my own water. Because now I have a fridge, I don’t need to go shopping as often.

My astrology workload has also decreased. So it’s as though the Universe is making space for mindfulness. I find that attending to my garden has a relaxing effect too.

And it’s not that mindfulness cannot be practiced in busyness – it certainly can. But it’s much easier to be mindful when you are in solitude and quietude.

So these restricting times can be the biggest blessing if you use them right. There’s no point in going against the flow. It’s wise to put to good use that which you are given.

If you are as flexible as a new twig, not even the greatest storm can harm you. It’s when you resist and are stuck with concepts that real damage can be done. So use this time for what it can give you – quietude, finding out about yourself, and the ability to go deep into your spiritual practice.

The rewards of such inquiry are really fast. Staying as awareness for even five minutes already leaves you much more peaceful and happier. It’s important to keep being mindful for as long as you can, so that this peace engulfs everything and destroys all the false aspects of yourself.

And once you are fully established as That who gives rise to the entire existence, where will be the thoughts of governmental restrictions and unstable times? This should be motivating enough to be mindful.