Today was the day of total Divine Alignment. On Mondays, I usually call my driver to take me to the other city for massage and spa treatments.

However, not this Monday.

This Monday, I didn’t feel like going to that city. I felt like staying locally, though I had no idea what I would do that would feel joyful there (as I dedicate Mondays to doing things that I really enjoy, like pampering myself).

As I was eating grilled prawns and salad in a lovely restaurant, I thought I’d still want an Ayurvedic massage done. But I knew that in that area, no good massage places were present. Nevertheless, I checked Google Maps to see if I missed anything.

And I did. One Ayurvedic place got my interest, so I made a call. Soon I got a call back, and, upon asking for the offers, I selected the one that felt good. The lady doctor wanted to find out where I was located, and I told her the place.

It turns out she just dropped the client, and she was a minute away from my location. So she asked if I’d like her to drop me at her massage place, and she could drop me back (as that area was a little remote).

I agreed, of course, and upon finishing my dinner, she picked me up from the restaurant and we started a drive to the Ayurvedic treatment place.

Soon, we realized we were on the same plane, so to speak. She was also being led by the Creator, and she was also in the midst of the transition. I told her I just got the healing certification, and that from an astrologer I became a coach.

She told me she’s transitioning into offering people meditation sessions, rather than only doing Ayurvedic treatments. She told she had difficulties in charging people. Unbelievably, she charges $38 for a whole day of Auyurvedic treatments, with a room and food included!

I knew I was sent there for a reason. I taught her what I knew from my business coaching – about how to respect yourself, charge what you are worth, and have fewer, but quality clients who respect you and pay the premium for a premium service.

She told I was like an angel sent from God. She also taught me about the energy healing method she got certified in and gave me the details of the teacher. Her method is very interesting, so I’ll look into it to see if this is something I should also learn, though in two days’ time I’m doing the second Theta certification – Advanced DNA practitioner training.

During the massage, I got a message from the Creator for her – that she should charge $128 for a day. This is in total alignment to the value she provides – this I felt hundred percent. I told this to her, and she felt greatly relieved, and said she would, from that day, start increasing her fees till she reaches that amount.

Many people offering excellent services undervalue themselves. They are very busy in their practice, but because they charge less for their services, they don’t have the time for themselves. With time, their health breaks down, and they can’t be as useful anymore.

To prevent this from happening, one should charge what one is worth, and take time for oneself – to relax, enjoy, learn, improve. Then the skill set is increasing, and therefore one’s market value, and one remains happy and in good health.

I told all this to her, and she even put a mobile recorder on so that she doesn’t forget anything. She will share this recording with her fellow friend, who runs an Ayurvedic organization too.

After the massage session, she dropped me back home.

Always trust your inner knowing. Were I just following my mental desires, I would, as always, have gone to the other city to get my treatments done. But I followed the feeling that I should stay, and therefore I made friends with a wonderful woman, helped her, she gave me a wonderful Ayurvedic treatment (her staff, that is), and introduced me to another healing modality. This day was perfectly aligned.

Trust the feeling that’s in the heart. Not the emotions that come because of thoughts, but the inner feeling. That feeling is the guidance from the Creator. You get in touch with it by being attuned to the now, and by being in touch with your body, as this helps to distance yourself from an ever-active conscious mind.