Hearing Voices: the Dark Side of Spirituality

Those who find a spiritual path and continue down it are usually not prepared to face the dangers of it.

Many have this opinion that a spiritual path will not have any unpleasant surprises. So when something negative happens, they usually don’t know what to do or where to seek help.

In this post and other ones to come, therefore, I provided very common spiritual dangers and how to deal with them.

When people start meditating or doing any other spiritual activity they stop being so rational and become more sensitive to the things non-physical. This opens them up to the influence of spirits and other beings, especially if they are not spiritually strong but only are opening up to the spirituality.

A spiritual newbie can be compared to an ignorant Western tourist who goes to a busy Indian city without any prior research of it. Many people are happy to see the tourist, but there are those who know very well that he’s never been to India before and thus know how to cheat him.

Research about the spiritual path is much more important than when planning the trip to another country. Spiritual seekers who fall into the spiritual difficulties do so because they lack the knowledge about the possible dangers.

If they don’t know how to protect themselves from the spiritual influences, for example, negative spirits may easily attach themselves to these unsuspecting truth-seekers. If the spirits are particularly evil, they may decide to play with a meditator/ person engaged in a spiritual practice by making him/her hear voices.

Suddenly a truth seeker will hear a voice outside or inside her head calling her by her name or telling something. If the command she hears is negative, can you imagine how disturbing that would sound? A truth seeker might lose her mind or become extremely stressed putting extreme pressure on her heart.

If a spirit calls your name or asks something, don’t answer! By answering you are inviting the spirit to communicate with you or enter your body. Use your free will to block yourself from such communication, especially if you are new to spirituality and have no idea whether the spirit is evil or just partly evil. (Usually good spirits would have no intention to bother you this way.)

You can also use your willpower to very strongly ask the spirit to leave you alone, or to leave the place where you are staying. The will-power of people is very strong indeed and most spirits would immediately comply.

To protect yourself from such a negative influence, you should imagine your aura to be very bright and thick (of a yellow or white color). Believe that this aura is impenetrable by the negative spirits because their vibration is too low to even see you. Convince yourself of this.

Enlightened masters and other very spiritually strong people can make you hear voices if you are really diligent in your spiritual practice. However these voices would not scare you and would not seem that intrusive. It’s up to you what to do with such a conversation attempt.

However always keep in mind that it’s very hard to tell if the spirit communicating with you is good or only pretending to be good. Know that once the door is open (when you start engaging in a conversation with a spirit), it’s very hard to shut it.

It is told by some that government invented a way to transmit voices to people’s heads. I do believe this is possible. People in the power are mostly evil so it would not surprise me if the voice sent by them would have a goal of doing something negative to you or you might be used to accomplish some devastating plan.

It’s possible to be unaffected by such voices if you convince yourself that the voice has no power over you and that anyone can get such an experience. However only mentally strong people would be able to handle such things. Mentally weak people can even get mad from hearing such a thing.

There are also people who hear such evil voices (that can be either sent by people or spirits) and do according to what those voices say. They comply with the message they hear because the voice is heard by them only, so they think it must come from God/angels. This is totally stupid and only people who have extremely clouded judgements can come to such a conclusion.

People belonging to certain extremists’ sects, for example, may start hearing evil voice and then kill, rob or take other devastating actions as a result. After their horrendous crimes they may feel completely okay, because they simply complied with the voice of “God”.

To avoid these things, as I said before, you should visualise your aura being very bright and dense, so that it’s impenetrable by the dark forces. Also if you do hear voices, convince yourself that you can choose to not be affected by them at all (it’s hard though).

To prevent yourself from having to experience such a thing, live pure life, eat pure foods and engage in pure thoughts only. Listen to your conscience, do only good and always thank God/Original Creator for your life. Also if you feel that you are becoming too spiritual and thus lose the connection with this reality, take grounding actions (this post mentions some of the grounding activities).

In the next post (read it here: Kundalini Awakening and Spirit Contact) I will discuss a few more spiritual dangers.

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