Do You Have the Displeased Face Disease?

The Displeased Face Disease

Since I’ve been living in India for around six years now, I can see through the eyes of a local Indian how a typical Westerner looks like. And what I keep noticing is one attitude in Westerners that is extremely unattractive. This attitude acts like a slow poison for all who come in touch with it…. Read More

Katha Upanishad Summary – What Happens to the Soul After Death

Nachiketas and the god of death

Out of all Upanishads (Indian sacred writings), Katha Upanishad is one of my favorite ones. I resonate with its expositions and I like the literary way of presenting the exposed truths, which reminds me of Bhagavad Gita in this sense. In general, in Indian sacred literature it’s very usual to present universal truths in the framework of… Read More

Who Is Jesus Christ? (About the true identity of Jesus and how His image was altered to suit the patriarchal agenda)

Jesus Christ the Savior

Many people don’t feel resonance with the personality of Jesus the Christ for two reasons. Reason number one – because Jesus’ image was altered to make it less appealing to the masses. That’s totally in harmony with the antichristic agenda that successfully reversed people’s values. Human inherent divinity took a back seat, whereas worshiping worldly power, fame, money… Read More

Two Dangers of Following Spiritual Practices

Two dangers of spiritual practices

Due to the practices such as eating only vegetarian food, yoga and meditation, many people experience their nerves getting finer. This makes them more sensitive to noise, pollution, disturbing sights, and the like. I see that people especially suffer from disturbing noises, like the music that’s designed to keep one’s consciousness low (in the root… Read More

Personal Update about my Changing Consciousness

Changing consciousness

Change in me is happening so rapidly that there’s no way I could ever put all that I’m going through in writing. But I’ll mention the most important experiences in this post, so that you know my current state of being. Some of the things that I’m going through cannot be well translated in words,… Read More

What’s Your Background Feeling?

What's your background feeling?

In the past, when my mind would get quiet, I was faced with uneasiness within. It felt like some calamity was about to happen, something terrible. This feeling would never leave me; it was always there, at the back of my mind. I was too frightened to find out its cause, as I assumed that this… Read More

Announcement: My Journey to Wealth Booklet is Released

My Journey to Wealth

Throughout years of blogging I’ve received many emails asking me to explain my steps to abundance. These messages finally made me reflect on my journey and create a booklet detailing all the steps I took towards wealth. The booklet is called My Journey to Wealth and it describes how I transitioned from the scarcity mindset… Read More

How to See the World of Spirit

How to see the world of spirit

The above video, called “The Throne Room”, describes Cayce’s interpretation of biblical St. John’s visions. Since you can watch it yourself, I’m not going to describe all the video explains, but only the most important bits, followed by further explanation of the most important concepts. In the depicted St. John’s vision you can see twenty-four elders… Read More

My Journey to Wealth Booklet will be Released Next Week

My Journey to Wealth

Throughout years of blogging I’ve received many emails asking me to explain my steps to abundance. These messages finally made me reflect on my journey and create a booklet detailing all the steps I took towards wealth. The booklet is called My Journey to Wealth, and I expect to release it on January 9th or 10th,… Read More

My New Painting and Something About the Christ Consciousness

A Christmas Wish - Simona Rich

My new painting is called “A Christmas Wish”. May it bring harmonious healing energy into your being: Although in the developed world the celebration of Christmas has been very much commercialized, it’s still possible to feel the original Christmas Spirit. You might recall a time in your childhood when you felt this spirit. There was this holy… Read More

When You Are Nobody… You’re Everything

When you're nobody you're everything

When you’re nobody in the eyes of the world, you’re Everything in the eyes of God. Most people want to be somebody. But those who achieve all their dreams and realize their illusory nature, may be led to spiritual truths such as that humility is of soul, and specialness and pomp – of ego. Some… Read More

The Evolution of Individual Consciousness in Four Stages

Changing consciousness

Mandukya Upanishad is the shortest of all Upanishads (sacred ancient Indian texts) – it has only twelve verses. It describes the meaning of the word Aum and how it’s related to the evolution of individual consciousness. It describes the evolution of individual consciousness in four stages – from its primitive beginnings, to the final realization of… Read More

Three Steps to Tap Into Universal Intelligence to Get Answers to All Your Questions

Three steps to tap into Universal Intelligence

There’s no real need to look for answers in particular books or people; true answers lie within us, but because of the habit that was instilled in us from childhood, we tend to search for information everywhere else but in ourselves. But it’s even more than that. The answers to all our questions are not… Read More

The War of Principles

War of principles

Whoever had spiritual awakening or managed to outwit a psychopath, will arrive at the same conclusion – that there’s indeed a battle taking place in the world between the forces of darkness and light. This battle is a battle of principles. When you spiritually grow, your core of truth strengthens, and it becomes impossible to silence it. When,… Read More

Absolutely Refuse to be Affected by Low Moods

Absolutely refuse to be affected by low moods

Although both low and high moods are caused by the same thing – nerve agitation – it’s the low moods which people find unpleasant. Long-term meditators perceive all mood degrees as damaging, because they overstimulate sensitive body nerves and cause us to see distorted reality. Though to the people still operating from the mammalian (limbic) brain it… Read More

In the Company of Mystics

Changing consciousness

It was my first day visiting Sri Ramana Ashram in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. I checked into a simple guest house, and then explored the ashram’s premises. I was getting really hungry, and I knew that the ashram had a canteen. I couldn’t find it, so I decided to ask someone about its location. I’d approached… Read More

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