Absolutely Refuse to be Affected by Low Moods

Absolutely refuse to be affected by low moods

Although both low and high moods are caused by the same thing – nerve agitation – it’s the low moods which people find unpleasant. Long-term meditators perceive all mood degrees as damaging, because they overstimulate sensitive body nerves and cause us to see distorted reality. Though to the people still operating from the mammalian (limbic) brain it… Read More

In the Company of Mystics

In the company of mystics

It was my first day visiting Sri Ramana Ashram in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. I checked into a simple guest house, and then explored the ashram’s premises. I was getting really hungry, and I knew that the ashram had a canteen. I couldn’t find it, so I decided to ask someone about its location. I’d approached… Read More

The Big Difference between Needs and Wants

Difference between needs and wants

Needs come from the reality of this life, whilst wishes come from mental illusions. Needs are natural, and therefore they don’t foster addictions or imbalances of all sorts. Wishes are not natural, and therefore give birth to addictions, diseases, unhappiness, emptiness, disillusionment, and more. On the surface, running after wishes seems to do no harm;… Read More

21 Must-Read Spiritual Books to Expand Your Consciousness

21 Spiritual Books to Expand Your Consciousness

Although now I only read ACIM, the first mentioned book in the list, here are 21 spiritual books that I truly resonate with. These books can surely expand your consciousness, but only if you read them carefully, and apply what you read. I listed these spiritual books starting from my favorite ones. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them… Read More

A Little Warrior

A Little Warrior

Due to extreme city heat I decided to spend a few days in a small coastal South Indian village. In the morning, after swimming in the ocean, I went for breakfast to a nearby restaurant. The food was great, but poor waiters were busy there trying to shoo off crows from tables. A saw a… Read More

Hooks that Keep You Earth-bound

Hooks that keep one trapped

There are limitless traps in this world and there always have been, as we learn from ancient sacred writings, be it Christian, Hindu, or Muslim. In Christianity people are compared to ignorant fish easily caught by fishermen. Fishermen’s nets symbolize the traps of the world. To be one of the few lucky fish that remain uncaught, it’s… Read More

How to See Through The Veil – Audio

How to see through the veil

Here’s a How to See Through The Veil audio transcript: This is Simona Rich and here I’m talking about how to see through the veil. This world is an illusion. But you will never really understand this through your experience as long as you have any kind of investment in this world. Most people are… Read More

Advanced Teachings on Spirituality

Advanced spirituality teachings - Simona Rich

This post, which you’ll get into your inbox as a PDF document after the donation, is about the deeper spiritual lessons I learnt during my pilgrimage around India. It not only describes events that happened to me, but I explain about spirituality through the new consciousness which I experienced during the journey. The spiritual teachings of… Read More

Personal Update: What Happened during my Pilgrimage around India


Although I was thinking of visiting the most sacred spots of India at some point, I didn’t plan to set out on such a journey having barely come back from Sri Lanka, where five major events happened. This time I thought I’d just visit a town called Gokarna and come back to Kerala, where I live…. Read More

Mental Impurities and How They Distort The View

Mind free from impurities

Any kind of mental impurity serves like dirt on the window which distorts the view. When you have mental impurities, the truth is obscured or distorted. As you cleanse the mind, it starts reflecting things as they are. Mental impurities form for many reasons, including but not limited to: attachments emotions human love (gives birth to hatred, jealousy… Read More

A Disarming Attitude

Showing your real self attracts genuine friendships

Around three months ago my friend and I visited my beloved coastal South Indian village that attracts quite a few tourists. When we were passing by a waterfall my friend spotted a British family she knew. They also noticed her, and when they approached us, my friend introduced me to them. They were a family consisting of a… Read More

7 Requirements of Being a Unique Artist

My painting

Above – painting I created during my recent stay in Rishikesh. (It expresses my feeling of Divine protection.) People are surprised to hear that I never struggle to write, and as soon as I sit down to write, words just flow. No struggle is involved, and the activity of writing is pure pleasure. In this… Read More

Some Things You Should Know About Death

What You Should Know About Death

When I was studying Carnatic music, one day I boarded a bus near my home in South India to go to the part of the city where my music school was. Buses in India are old-style; lots of metal bars and usually slightly cushioned blue faux leather seats. As I took my seat and was putting… Read More

Vedic Gurus, Sexual Suppression and the Sacred Feminine

The sacred feminine

The sacred feminine isn’t allowed its full expression because religion is still in the hands of the masculine. Indian ashrams are run by men, and the way such men look at women is usually with contempt and superiority. That, of course, shows that these men in charge of religion are very far from seeing God in all,… Read More

Update: Follow Me on Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest

Follow me on pinterest

To make it easier to stay in touch with me, I’ve signed up for three more social sharing sites: Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. I’ll post the same material on all, so if you’re already following me on Facebook, G+ or Twitter, you don’t need to follow me on these new networks unless you choose to. Also, Facebook will… Read More

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