Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Set You Free

Know the truth

People cannot see the truth, though it’s in plain sight. That’s because from a very early age we’ve been indoctrinated to be different than who we really are, and to think differently about the world to how it actually is. It’s very, very hard to break out of this conditioning because we were indoctrinated at a tender age, when our reasoning powers were… Read More

Hidden in Plain Sight: Earth is Not a Globe, and It’s Not Spinning

Airplanes prove that the earth is flat

If you want to understand what’s going on in the world today, firstly you must know where you stand – literally. And as you’re going to find out from this post, you have been deliberately misinformed about it. If you don’t know where you literally stand, how can you be sure about anything else? And… Read More

Why Humans Don’t Manifest Perfection Like They Naturally Should and as All Nature Does

Divine Manifestation

God-in-action, the Creator, gives us the impulse to keep progressing so that It would manifest ever more perfectly through us. But most people misinterpret these impulses because their awareness is focused on the lowest chakras. Being filtered through these chakras of selfishness, Divine impulses become distorted, sometimes to the degree of ugliness. For example, the… Read More

Pain Dissolves the Ego and Is the Gate to Bliss

pain dissolves the ego

The habit of pursuing pleasurable things and experiences is deep-rooted in humanity. At the same time, everyone tries to escape pain by any means possible. The whole entertainment industry caters for such a form of escapism. This alone should make you question if running away from pain is such a good idea. But most people… Read More

Effortless Existence is Natural – Remove These Barriers to Experience It

Effortless existence

Instead of relying on God, people tend to rely on their minds. The common mind likes to segment and deaden. The Creator, processed through such a mind, becomes a concept, and not a living reality. Then we imagine It, but we do not feel It. But the Creator isn’t some mental concept. In actuality, it is… Read More

Christ Letters – Channelled Messages to Expand Your Consciousness

Holy face of Jesus the Christ

Christ Letters are told to be the words of Jesus that came through a female recorder. She kept her identity secret because she wanted all the attention on the letters and not the messenger. The purpose of Christ Letters is to give advice on spiritual matters and to clarify some misinterpretations of Jesus’ life. Although I didn’t resonate… Read More

Advanced Spirituality Teachings: On Internal Purification and Personality Disintegration

ADVANCED SPIRITUALITY TEACHINGS on internal purification and personality disintegration

Advanced Spirituality Teachings: On Internal Purification and Personality Disintegration is a report describing more advanced spiritual development stages. As these stages aren’t much explained in spiritual texts (or at least I wasn’t able to find detailed information about them) it was my duty to describe this process so that to inform those going through this… Read More

Personal Update – A New Chapter of My Life

A new chapter of my life

In this personal update I want to focus on two things – the most important point in my spiritual evolution and the most important point in my material life. Firstly, I’ll tell you about what’s changing materially. I’ve made a hard decision to leave India. There are many reasons for this, but the most important… Read More

Just Released: What You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex and Celibacy – Revised and Updated Edition

Sex and Celibacy ebook - Simona Rich

Sex & Celibacy is a 180-page ebook about my two-and-a-half-year celibacy journey. I share not only my experiences and advice, but also include the accounts and important warnings of the celibates of the past who were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, artists, and more. This ebook was first released on May 2015, and was fully revised and updated… Read More

Let Beauty and Magnetism Unfold from Within

Let beauty and magnetism unfold from within

In my favorite beach village of South India there are many so called “beach boys”. Since I’ve been visiting this place for around six years, I know them all. They are young guys working in hotels and restaurants. Some are only after women and dream of marrying Western women as they see them as their… Read More

How to Break Out of the Matrix

Break out of the matrix

You must never forget that your soul is free. Currently you are identified with this body, and that’s why you experience all the sorrows. You have no problems – it’s the body that has them. The body lives in time; you are timeless. The mind avoids the present moment, and because of that fear arises…. Read More

A Snake in a Man’s Stomach – A Parable on Human Condition

On Human Condition

A great Sufi saint Rumi told one parable which is very important to understand as it provides great inspiration to stick to the path of pure spirituality. This can be sometimes hard to do because the ego is very successful in making us believe that some distractions from the path are okay. Let me tell you… Read More

Personal Update on Current Challenges and What I’ve Learnt on my Spiritual Journey

What I’ve Learnt on my Spiritual Journey

In this post I’ve decided to share the things that I’ve learnt on my current spiritual journey, what I’m going through at the moment, and the most difficult challenges that I’m currently facing. What I’ve learnt There’s one thing to read and therefore intellectually know that every pleasure ends with pain, and a totally different thing… Read More

11 Reasons Why My Spiritual Progress Is Fast

spiritual awakening

I get many emails from readers expressing their amazement at how quickly my spiritual unfoldment is happening. Yesterday, whilst I was meditating, I got an impulse to write about the reasons why this is the case. Thus I wrote this post in one sitting. I hope it will shed some light on what might be slowing down your… Read More

333 Eye-Opening Quotes on Self-Realization

Eye-opening quotes on self-realization

Nisargadatta Maharaj was a self-realized man who lived in Mumbai, India. Unlike the usual gurus one sees on TV and reads about in newspapers, he didn’t strive to create any spiritual organization or acquire followers. After the realization he continued to live his usual life, with the only difference that now he perceived the meaning… Read More

How to Handle These Two Spiritual Dangers

spiritual awakening

It would be a lie to say that when you progress towards the Light, all is well and good. The matter is ruled by the antichrist, called “the prince of this world” in the Bible. As long as we are material beings, we fall under its dominion. Antichrist is not a person, though it was personalized… Read More

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