Today it’s holding steady -15°C (5F) whilst all these other days the weather was slightly just above or below freezing, or was holding at zero degrees. But I’m glad to have found out that my log house holds heat very well – the temperature hasn’t dropped inside, except for the living room which is quite cold always, and the small entryway room.

I’ve finished painting a volunteer’s room – there my mother with her sister will stay during Christmas. She’s coming to visit us from the UK.

The room decoration is not finished yet, but the walls are done, and I’ve made some other changes. But the windows will have to wait till the summer to be renovated, as it’s too cold to remove them now for repainting.

Since it’s been snowing all these days, there’s nothing much I’m doing outside except for cleaning snow off the driveway and other paths, which now takes me 40 minutes. On the first day, it took me 3.5 hours, but that’s because I waited for two days until removing the snow. Now I learned how to clean it quickly.

There won’t be frequent farm update videos, I suspect, because now most of my time during this quiet winter period is dedicated to spiritual practices. I was too excited not to tell about my lucid dreaming experience, but there are more practices I’m engaged in at this time. I feel it’s the right time for these activities, though I think it’s best to not talk about them at the moment.

Boris, the dog that wandered into my farm, turned out to be a wonderful loving companion and a good guard dog. He’s very jealous of any attention I give to Poocha (my cat), which is funny to witness.

Poocha is yet again with a cone, because he keeps licking his wound so this stops it from healing. But the good news is that the wound is not infected, and as long as he doesn’t lick it, it seems to be healing okay. Thanks to the reader who recommended me to use hydrogen peroxide to clean my pet’s wound – it worked wonders, much better than turmeric.

It looks so beautiful now with all that snow. All is white. It gets dark early, but that is fine, as my pets wake me up early anyway, before the rising of the sun. So I get to enjoy all the daylight there is.

Although I went through a period of missing human contact whilst living alone in nature, these two cute pets brightened my days, giving me loving company. Now I feel I have adjusted to living on my own. Again, I should say living in nature when other people are quite away is very different from living on your own in the city, where people are very close though not with you. It’s psychologically difficult, as humans are supposed to be in close proximity with one another. But I think now I’ve adjusted to such a life, at least as much as possible.

I think the other reason why this adjustment took place is that thanks to my spiritual practices, I’m in touch with other planes of existence, so I’m not really alone. But I cannot talk about this now – I feel it’s not the time. I can just say that at this time, I’m in between this life in nature with my pets, and exploring other realities inhabited by other beings which are just here now, but it takes tuning in to witness them.

So these are all the updates for now. Thank you for reading.

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