I’ve recently started to use the Facebook friend suggest tool. I’ve sent friend requests to many astrologers and people of similar interests, and got many friend requests in response. This helps me to widen my readership base.

However, I’ve noticed that the vast majority of people working in the spiritual field are totally caught up with the divide and conquer games. Their social accounts are full of Trump and Biden cartoons, and the fight is on.

How sad that is. People working in the spiritual field should have no interest in these silly world games.

These kinds of political games are designed to divide and rule, and people happily follow. And why would anyone vote anyway – why would anyone willingly choose to be ruled by someone else.

That’s the reason the lives of the majority are so bad. They are all plugged into the content of the dark forces, be that elections, Hollywood movies, wars, news, or anything else mainstream.

I sometimes like to watch the content of Owen Benjamin. He used to be a comedian, and now lives off-grid and discusses what’s going on in the world. I do not agree with all he says as he sometimes makes outrageous claims to the point that all I can do is laugh, yet sometimes what he says totally resonates with me.

So here’s what he said about how to not be affected by the ruling class. By that he meant the Jewish ruling class, though of course, not all the Jewish people are oppressors. Some of them are – most people know it by now, and Owen said it’s very easy to avoid their control.

The first thing to do to avoid being the slave of the elite is not to fight their wars.

All wars are created by the elite because they feed off the feelings of anger, fear and despair. You are not protecting anyone by going to fight the wars of the richest.

The second thing to do to stay away from the influence of the elite is not to get in debt to them. Which means not having any bank debt.

Young people who don’t have much independence of thinking quickly get into debt as parents encourage them to get a degree. So they start their lives already enslaved to the ruling class. If you owe someone, you are going to do what they tell you to.

The third thing to do is not to watch their movies and not to listen to their songs. Through such content they make you consume their dark energy and then no wonder why nothing goes your way. Do not willingly consume such dark content of violence, lust and immorality of all sorts.

What you expose yourself to you become. So try to selectively expose yourself to that which will positively affect you.

Yes, of course, the quality of the creations of the dark forces will always be better as they have plenty of funds gotten from the masses. Yet we should look at the purpose of the creation, the feeling of it and its contents, rather than only looking at the quality of the presentation.

There’s a specific undercurrent in all the mainstream creations. Those who are spiritually attuned will feel it. It’s an alien unloving energy of pure poverty and unhappiness. Though the movie picture could be sparkling, that energy is always there, but I don’t think many people feel it, otherwise they wouldn’t be consuming such creations.

Sometimes I feel the same undercurrent in seemingly independent productions. Then I know they are not as independent as it is claimed.

But there are still many independent creators to get entertained by, so there’s no need to resort to the productions of darkness.

YouTube, which is the channel created by the dark forces for sure, still has much good content from independent creators. I like to watch solo female traveler vlogs, for example, or some beauty vloggers, as well as some interesting people with unusual opinions. Those kinds of creations do not have that depressing energy as their content doesn’t support the agenda of the elite.

So it’s not that we have no choice at all. There are always alternatives to choose from to get yourself entertained. There’s no need to pay for that which destroys you.

You will find that if you only financially support people like you, and you only pay attention to that which has nothing to do with those forces of darkness, obstacles will significantly lessen in your life, and you will find yourself feeling more and more empowered.

Then you will understand that it’s up to you how to create your life. The masses live their unhappy lives because of what they choose to side with. But you don’t have to.

Even in these crazy times, you can create your reality the way that you want. What it takes to do that is to no longer pay attention to what the dark forces create, and to have nothing to do with them.

Withdraw your attention and finances from them and they cannot affect you. Then you can focus all your resources on creating the life that you really want to have.