There are many things which are recommended for grounding yourself to the earth and losing weight. But in this article, I will mention two of the simplest two ways I have found which work wonders.

First, we will talk about weight loss. There are many reasons people struggle with this. For some, it can be genetic. So if in your family many people are overweight, it’s not your personal problem, but a genetic problem. In this case, you must ask the Creator/Universe to remove the programs on a genetic level, keeping you and your family overweight.

Some people struggle with weight loss because they unconsciously use extra pounds to protect themselves from something. For example, if they were abused as children, they may unconsciously try to protect themselves from abusive people and traumas in this way. The same goes for those who were bullied as children or verbally abused.

To remove weight in such cases, one needs to remove the unconscious belief that this extra weight somehow protects them, loves them, and nurtures them. This can be done through theta healing (by yourself or with the use of a healer).

So the first thing to do is to make sure that the problem is not on a genetic level or caused by a belief in weight protecting them from someone or something. When this is gone, we can look at the issue deeper.

If the weight doesn’t naturally fall when the mentioned issues are removed, one needs to look at one’s habits. The easiest way to change habits is to change them with some major life shift, like when you move to some new place to live. Then you can change pretty much anything, providing you don’t go back to your old ways, which is easier not to as the environment is different.

So with some life shift, you can also learn to eat less frequently, and to eat smaller portions. The food should be healthy – you can make it yourself or buy better quality food which would cost the same as your old food as the portions are smaller. Try to avoid any ready-made food, as it has additives that increase weight and make it difficult to get rid of it.

You should try to remove sugar from your diet as much as possible. I was able to make that shift because of leaving my farm to travel to India, and I believe this resolution was made strong because of the two videos I watched before even thinking of making such a shift.

The first was one by Tom Campbell (an astral traveler and physicist) in which he talked about eating no sugar at all, and how this positively affected his psychic abilities. I did not save that video link, so I’m not sure in which video he talked about it, but it was his interview video. He told that eating zero sugar greatly increased his psychic sensitivity and general mental clarity.

The second video I watched was of Skylar Acamesis (this is the video) about ten habits of health mastery. This video inspired me so much. This lady is a vegan, but she doesn’t force anyone to make such a choice – she just encourages people to make healthier choices. I’m not vegan, but her powerful energy of resolution inspired me to really look at what I eat.

So now, as the groundwork is finished, here are the two ways to feel more connected to the earth and maintain a healthy weight. Both are related, because if you don’t feel connected to the earth, the weight will fluctuate, putting unnecessary stress on the body.

The first tip that I got was from the just-mentioned Skylar Acamesis. She mentioned the importance of minerals. Did you know that if you lack minerals, you will not feel connected to this earth? You will feel you don’t belong here, your bones will be weak, your nails will be brittle, and your hair will not shine.

I never feel connected to the earth because I’m not from here, but since the body suit is from here, taking mineral supplements helps me feel better on this earth. Also, did you know that if you lack vitamins, you will not feel loved and nurtured on this earth plane?

Back to the minerals. Taking sufficient minerals will also make you feel supported on this earth. If you don’t feel support, you may gain weight just to have it in the form of extra pounds. So if most of the mineral-deficiency symptoms apply to you, I strongly encourage you to take a good mineral supplement.

How to know if some mineral supplement is right for you? You can do muscle testing to find out. Muscle testing works for most people, and if it doesn’t, it’s likely that people are not hydrated enough. So drink more water and try this technique again, by first asking yourself questions you know the answers to. You can google this technique to understand what it is – there are countless articles and videos about it.

There is another way to test if some mineral supplement is right for you, and this is the one I use.

It’s called dowsing. I have a silver ring bought from Nepal which I keep suspended on a cotton thread. Many people hang crystals on a chain to do dowsing. Again, there are many articles and videos about how to dowse, so please check them out to understand how to use this wonderful tool.

So once you muscle-test or dowse to understand which mineral supplement is right for you, start using it, and see how much more grounded you become in the weeks and months to come.

In response, your weight will normalize. That doesn’t mean you will become extra thin – this is not natural to most people. But your weight will be just right for you.

Finally, the second tip for weight loss is again something to do with grounding. I learned this from Vianna Stibal’s books. It really resonates with me, so I will share it with you.

It’s about grounding yourself to the earth as well as the Creator, in order to normalize your weight. You need to do this technique daily at first. It’s very easy – once you learn it, it will take a few seconds to do it, though at first it will take some minutes. It not only will ground you, but it will keep you psychically attuned and energetically balanced.

Here is a technique in all its fullness (from Vianna Stibal’s “Theta Healing” book).

You need to visualize your consciousness (yourself) centering into your heart chakra, and then leaving your body, through your feet, to go to the core of the earth. Then you need to see this energy going back from the centre of the earth into your feet, rising whilst touching each of your chakras as activating them, to finally go out of your head in a ball of white light.

This ball of the white light with you inside goes out of this Universe, through a white light, through blackness, again through the white light, and another white light, and another. Finally, it reaches the jelly-like energy that has all the rainbow colors in it. You go through that jelly substance to get into the light pink light, and when you go through it, you see a white iridescent light in the distance. The light is very shiny and bright, looking like a pearl.

You go into it – this is the seventh plane of existence, the light of creator. On a physical level, you are actually penetrating an atom (as above, so below).

Update (March 6th, 2022):

You must feel something in your body when you enter the seventh plane. Often, people feel energy in their heads, or tingling at the top of their heads. The sensation is very pleasant.

If you don’t feel this, it could mean that you aren’t on the seventh plane yet. So ask the Creator to take you to the seventh plane, and wait. Proceed further when you get some sort of sensation in your body. Often, there is a sensation of pleasure, relaxation, joy, peace, and there will be some kind of energetic sensations.

You stay in this shiny pearly light, your white ball dissolves, and you allow the Creator to cleanse and regenerate you. This is the space where you can do anything that you wish – dissolve beliefs no longer serving you, ask for miracles, and heal diseases of yourself and others.

The only thing to keep in mind there is not to bring any negativity, as it can manifest fast in your life from that plane of creation.

For weight loss, you don’t need to ask anything in that light, as when you get there, it naturally stabilizes you and normalizes all the processes in your body.

When you take your mind off that plane, you naturally leave it, but you can also visualize getting back into your body. Some healers see themselves again going back into the core of the earth, and then pulling their energy into their bodies again, to be centered in their crown chakras.