Since two major planets are now in the sign of Aquarius (Jupiter and Saturn), this marks the solidification, or, according to some astrologers, the start of the age of Aquarius and therefore the end of the old forms of control.

As Aquarius is a sign of detachment, this makes it urgent for people to learn to mind their own business and stop all forms of control of others. It’s going to be much harder to control others as the age progresses, and why would you want to use your energy in such a way anyway.

The need of control is a sign of disempowerment

The truth is that those who are happy with their lives are not going to want to control others. And those who feel personal powerlessness will naturally try to assert their power over others. This will be much harder to do in the age of Aquarius.

Many people who disagree with current restriction rules are demanding people to take off masks. This is a form of trying to control others as there’s the feeling of inner powerlessness. Then there are those who are totally against any conspiracies and they try to restrict the self-expression of people who stand against wearing masks.

Why can’t people mind their own business? If someone wants to wear a mask, why should you feel angry about it? And if someone chooses not to wear it, that is their personal choice and it should be honored, as you would like your personal choice to be honored.

Let’s not control others but honor different choices

Although both parties think they are doing the right thing, it’s always important to remember the wise words of Jesus of doing to others that which you want to be done to you. So if you don’t want your freedoms restricted, don’t try to restrict the freedoms and choices of other people.

And this will naturally be so if you are in control of your own life and at peace with how personal things are going. When you are satisfied with your own self and your life, the energy is resting internally, and there’s no wish to change things outside of you.

Keep your power within for happiness and peace

When you invest your precious personal energy into something outside of you, you become disempowered. You just released your personal power. This creates imbalance in your energy field, which results in unawareness, and consequent wrong choices.

Sometimes we see that the powers which control this world try very hard to imbalance people in such ways. For example, in news, we see atrocious things reported, which cause people to focus outside of themselves with intense emotion. This disempowers humanity.

So keep your power within no matter what happens outside of you. Remember, that this world is not your true home. What your body goes through doesn’t really matter as the body belongs to the illusion that this world is.

Knowing this, it becomes even easier to detach from the happenings of this world. The changes in this world have to happen – it’s already written in the stars. So the wisest thing to do is to control your own self, control your own life, and try to accept and learn from the things that are not in your power to change.